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Jacquemus presents an ode to art through sculptural pieces in SS24

Simon Porte Jacquemus is the epitome of contemporary fashion in France. With each collection, he is translating the codes of French culture to a massive audience that has grown over the years with each collection becoming more commercial. His design process is always driven by an inspiration that connects his clothing with a way of seeing life, of living with the pieces that he is about to create.

The fashion world changed after he presented his SS20 collection in a field of purple lavender on the South of his home country. With each collection he has been elaborating this idea that showing his shows on a landscape helps the collection to get new meanings through the experience that the people who encounter with this space for the first time can feel. On this occasion, he is shown in the Maeght Foundation, near Nice. He is working differently than before, captivating the audience with a vast number of art pieces that encapsulate the essence of the show, instead of the power of nature. He wanted to convey his abstract ideas into a real place that transmits his grown up and artsy world that is encapsulated in the collection.

He said that, meanwhile the pieces look wearable and into the trend of quiet luxury, his little silly detail changes this perspective into pop luxury, due to the references he used and how he is incorporating these elements to certain pieces. The way he is presenting a new silhouette for the brand and more structured than what we saw in previous seasons, touching formal elements that were never touched. It is a calm but distorted collection, where pieces shine through sparks of genius design amplifiers that through repetition make this collection stand out from the rest he put out before.

Across 47 looks, he explores different ideas but everything around Alberto Giacometti way of understanding art and how he translated it to his work. He presented a cliché collection but with the highest construction propositions ever seen in the brand. The pop of colors we see in the lookbook come from the world of Joan Miró and his understanding of art, passion red that represents his Spanish roots.

Les Sculptures is a collection that presents statuesque silhouettes with the best materials and the front row of the show is also exquisite. Kylie Jenner with her daughter, Stormy, gave virality to the show in a remote collection. With celebrities like Julia Roberts or Kristin Davis gave so much prestige to the show, that shows that in PR nobody is beating Jacquemus. On the other hand, the invitation was presented through social media with the help of Kristin Davis, explaining how to put it on, because it was a knit gray v-neck that she was so famous to have in Sex and the City.

To sum up, the incredible reinterpretation of a bridal dress, that is look 47, with a sculptural shape that carries a long veil born in the front of the piece; serves as a summary of the ideas that the French designer tries to present in this catwalk. A slim silhouette is back, stand out shapes are in when they give you empowerment and female ideas are more outstanding than menswear in this brand, but that does not mean that menswear is not treating it as equally well as their women partners. Art fuses with clothing in an unmatched way.

Words: @alraco43