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Jean Paul Gaultier’s ‘Fashion Freak Show’ Conquers Barcelona

The renowned designer Jean Paul Gaultier, always a promoter of spectacle, continues to captivate audiences with his latest show. Despite having taken a step back from the forefront of the fashion world, Gaultier’s creativity knows no bounds. His latest creation, «Fashion Freak Show,» has toured cities like Milan, Paris, and London, and now has its home in Barcelona until the end of April, at the Teatre Coliseum.

«The enfant terrible of fashion, Jean Paul Gaultier, creates a new genre of show with his fascinating and original ‘Fashion Freak Show,'» explain the organizers. The production is a dynamic fusion of revue and fashion show, offering a sensational insight into Gaultier’s life in the context of the most decisive political and cultural changes of his generation.

Gaultier himself reflects on his journey, recalling childhood inspirations and the evolution of his career. «Life is a cabaret,» he muses, drawing parallels with his own «Fashion Freak Show.» «The message I would like to convey is that we must keep emotions alive. If we open our eyes wide, we can capture beauty in all its forms.»

Starting from his burgeoning imagination and impressive sketches since childhood, Gaultier never went unnoticed. Under the influence of Pierre Cardin from the beginning, the designer followed in his footsteps and gradually positioned himself in garment design and tailoring. “The most important thing I learned from him was freedom. I imagined that things had to be done in a certain way, with an order, and he, suddenly, would send me to look for a fabric from ten years ago that was no longer in fashion, and he didn’t care, he wanted to work with it. I didn’t believe there was so much freedom, and then I followed that philosophy,» he assured in an interview.

His debut came hand in hand with his great love, Francis, with whom he shared his entire adolescence and part of his maturity. A symbiosis of two bodies in complete harmony in which they complemented each other perfectly. He faced criticism from very important figures in the fashion world, aka Anna Wintour.

During the 80s, Gaultier and Francis moved to London, where his inspiration skyrocketed, sending the temperature of his designs and desires into the stratosphere. But shortly after, Francis passed away from AIDS. And Gaultier lost the sense of life. Francis was his greatest support and held him by his side until he slipped away.

From disco to funk, pop, rock, and even punk, the iconic soundtrack of the show reflects the eclectic tastes that have inspired Gaultier throughout his life. Collaborators and guest stars, including Madonna, Rossy de Palma, Catherine Deneuve, Pedro Almodóvar, and Luc Besson, among others, contribute to the vibrant tapestry of the performance.

Shortly thereafter, JPG’s milestone in haute couture took a 180-degree turn, with bold and sensual designs that scandalized more than half the world at that time. He graced the covers of over ten magazines where he received no good critiques; but the public went wild, propelling his career as an artist.

The «Fashion Freak Show» is not just a fashion exhibition; it’s a celebration of creativity that runs through the biography and creations of the master of French fashion. With over 300 outfits, including iconic pieces like the cone-shaped corset Madonna wore during her Blond Ambition tour, the show is a testament to Gaultier’s limitless imagination.

As Gaultier continues to redefine fashion and entertainment, «Fashion Freak Show» stands as a testament to his enduring legacy: a dazzling spectacle that transcends boundaries and celebrates the art of individuality.

words: @annaamaso & @casandrammaggio