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Be Brunch Be Kaotiko

Brunch Electronik and Kaotiko launch an exclusive limited edition collection on their 10th anniversary

The collaboration between Kaotiko and Brunch Electronik represents the union of two brands with similar visions. Both share a commitment to sustainability and local production, as well as a passion for authentic design and quality in their creations. By joining forces, both brands aim to celebrate the most festive and fashionable side of the event, and they hope this is just the first of many future collaborations.

The electronic music festival Brunch Electronik and the brand Kaotiko are committed to producing a timeless capsule collection with high-quality garments that reflect the essence of both brands. Designed with unisex clothing, this collection is targeted at those who seek versatility and wish to express their individuality through fashion.

The limited edition collection adheres to the concept of sustainable fashion and slow fashion, advocating for a conscious and respectful approach to the environment. This mindset supports the idea of responsible consumption and reduces the environmental impact associated with the fashion industry.

Brunch Electronik festival is an outdoor event held in three Spanish cities, and it is based on three pillars: community, equality, and sustainability. These values are at the core of Brunch Electronik’s DNA, and their aim is to generate positive changes in the surrounding environment.

Kaotiko stands out not only for its design but also for the emotion it conveys through its creations. Its garments are characterized by their freshness, originality, and quality. The brand promotes local production, which helps strengthen the local economy and reduce the environmental footprint associated with long-distance transportation of goods. Additionally, Kaotiko integrates sustainability into its work philosophy by taking measures to minimize its environmental impact and promote responsible practices in the fashion industry.

Through this alliance, both brands seek to make a positive impact on fashion by offering high-quality unisex garments and promoting a conscious approach to consumption. With their shared commitment to sustainability and creativity, this collaboration marks the beginning of an exciting partnership between Kaotiko and Brunch Electronik.

The items from this collaboration will be available at all Brunch Electronik events, where they will have an exclusive stand dedicated to the B! x Kaotiko collaboration. Additionally, interested individuals will also be able to purchase the garments through Kaotiko’s website and physical stores.

¡Enjoy and dance!

Be brunch, be Kaotiko.

words: @annaamaso