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Kim Jones presents a younger approach with geometrical shapes in Fendi Haute Couture SS24

Kim Jones has been the creative director of Fendi womenswear since 2020. With each collection, he is getting better at understanding the female body, due to the fact that he has always worked in the male field. His work at the Italian company can be defined by the use of drapery as the main source of pattern making and the use of minimal color palettes that enhance the wearer. He has been very minimalistic in his approach to a brand that has been under Karl Lagerfeld vision.

This futuristic vision is what he is trying to convey with current style for this collection. Across 39 looks, the British designer is portraying a woman that uses her natural accent as her good arm. He is designing for a women that want to be at the same level as her garment. Working with silhouettes that accentuate the curves of the body and researching sustainable materials for a company specialized in fur, fine leather and bags. In this case, all the fur pieces are made through an embroidery process of non-fur materials to look like fur.

One of the moments that I want to highlight is the incorporation of the knotted tops that gives space for a younger audience in a runway that is full of long dresses that are more mature or formal. Also, I want to talk about the incorporation of bags in (almost) every look and how the gestuality of carrying them gives the model the freedom to perform differently. It gives the person’s character and that is remarkable, it follows the same aesthetic line as the previous catwalk.

This collection is aimed for every kind of woman and some red carpet moments are also incorporated through chiffon dresses that contain geometrical shapes, having as reference the essence of what Karl did for the company. Definitely, a younger take on the heritage of a brand like Fendi with the possibility to give visibility of the brand to a wider audience.

Words: @alraco43