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Krucopia: Art Gallery

Venturing into the epicenter of emerging artistic expression, Krucopia reveals itself as a challenging creative beacon that redefines established rules. This is not merely an exhibition space; it is a crucible of innovation dedicated to raising awareness and providing a vibrant stage for the flourishing of new talent in the realm of art.

The central purpose of Krucopia is evident: to go beyond mere exhibition and become a catalyst for change in the artistic scene. This center not only embraces a wide diversity of visual expressions from women of all backgrounds but also focuses its spotlight on young emerging artists, offering them a space to shine and grow.

Krucopia is not content with being a passive observer of exhibitions. Its mission is more ambitious: to elevate and establish a solid foundation upon which artists can confidently build their careers. Its motto, «A home for artists and a house of art,» is not just a catchy phrase; it is a rooted commitment to being a space that nurtures and gives life to artistic voices.

Since the dawn of time, art has been a bridge between generations, preserving culture and perpetuating knowledge. Krucopia recognizes the significance of the contribution of every culture, gender, class, and race in shaping collective identity. Art not only reflects the present era but also acts as a beacon illuminating ideals for future generations.

This center is not just a gathering place; it is a dynamic community centered on women in the visual arts. Its commitment extends beyond the walls of exhibitions; it aspires to inspire and teach through content that highlights the unique stories and knowledge of each woman. In Krucopia, a space is erected where women can express themselves freely, building a rich network of connections, collaborations, and inspiration under one roof.

In Krucopia, art merges with feminine diversity to create a unique and impactful experience. More than a creative center, it becomes a catalyst for transformation and a living testament to the strength and uniqueness of women in the art world.

Interview: Karlota Casado

Karlota is an artist and Curator at Krucopia

What does the word Krucopia mean? 

The word Krucopia is a fusion of two or three words. First, «Krudelia,» which is the name of the artist and founder of the gallery, and then «Kurnocopia,» a word that speaks about abundance and prosperity.

How did you start in art? 

I’ve always been interested, and I began by studying artistic production and fine arts. Later, my interest expanded into curation and gallery management.

How did Krucopia start? 

Georgia, our creator and founder, when she had the idea to create Krucopia, envisioned it as a community of women from the beginning. She wanted it to be a space of representation for all women and emerging artists.

Tell us more about Georgia.

Georgia is a young artist from London, a painter. In her current production, she wanted to create a community with other women and a comfortable space for all of us. A space that perhaps she felt was lacking at the beginning of her artistic career, and that’s why she created the gallery.

How do you select the artists? 

We select emerging artists, women, and local artists. The only requirement we look for is that they identify with the gallery’s project, that there is good communication, that they have talent, and they want to dedicate themselves to the art world.

People’s impression when they see the gallery? 

The first impression people have when entering the gallery is the pink floor, and then I believe they are captivated by the atmosphere it exudes: femininity, pastel colors, and youth.

What do you like most?

 What I like most about the gallery is representing emerging artists and helping them take that step.

What inspires you? 

I am inspired by everything, the good and the bad. I always try to find something positive even in what I like the least.

Future plans? 

We would like to work with artists internationally and also move the gallery to other locations. We want to expand our horizons and continue bringing art and community to new horizons.

🙂 Don’t hesitate to visit the gallery and learn more about its artists and their universe.

Visit their website at: Krucopia.com

instagram: Krucopia