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Lana Del Rey Unveils Stunning Skims Collaboration for Valentine’s Day

2024 is undeniably Lana Del Rey’s year. The singer, actress, songwriter, and poet, hailed for her retro charm and anti-diva persona, is set to headline the Coachella and Primavera Sound Barcelona festivals. Furthermore, she’s earned five Grammy nominations for her 9th studio album, «Did You Know That There’s a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd.» Now, the New Yorker takes center stage as the face of Skims’ Valentine’s Day campaign.

The multifaceted artist, Elizabeth Woolridge Grant, who turns 39 this summer, proves that (almost) 40 is the new 20. With her unparalleled beauty and artistic peak, Lana has become a muse for major fashion brands, a fact celebrated by indie and nerd communities who have always seen her as an icon.

Charismatic, strange, different, and proudly eccentric, Lana Del Rey’s success lies in her unwavering commitment to her unique aesthetic, inspired by Priscilla Presley and the retro glamour of Lana Turner. It was inevitable that her collaboration with British photographer Nadia Lee Cohen would be a triumph, as both artists draw from similar cultural, intellectual, and visual references, evident in their Valentine’s Day campaign for the American brand Skims.

Lana Del Rey and Skims have just launched a Valentine’s Day collaboration that exudes all the coquette vibes we adore. The queen of alternative and vintage style has captured the internet’s attention, experimenting with her look by embracing one of Gen Z’s favorite trends.

For those not in the know, the ultra-girly aesthetic, combining the delicacy of balletcore with the subtlety of cottagecore, is making coquettecore the season’s standout trend. Lana Del Rey, modeling for Kim Kardashian’s Skims, serves as a friendly reminder that the must-have accessories for 2024 are pink ribbons and bows.

Taking to Skims’ Instagram account, the artist posed in spectacular lace lingerie, showcasing some of the brand’s iconic designs in a softer, more coquettish version. In shades of pink and baby blue, the collection exudes super-feminine allure.

«Buenos días, Skims!» Lana exclaimed on Instagram, announcing the exciting collaboration. «I’m thrilled to be your Valentine,» she added.

Wondering when the new Skims collection with Lana Del Rey will hit the shelves? The Valentine’s Day collection, featuring limited-edition intimate wear, silk sleep sets, and more, will be available starting January 23 through Skims’ official website.

While Skims primarily offers women’s lingerie, Kim Kardashian, the brains behind the brand, has thoughtfully included some pink pieces for men. So, if you’re still on the hunt for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift, this new offering from the socialite is an excellent choice.

words: @annaamaso