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Launch of Innovative Eyewear Collection Inspired by the Abundance of Fruits

In a bold move within the world of fashion and optical design, GIGI STUDIOS has unveiled its latest eyewear collection, a visual celebration of the diversity and beauty of fruits. This collection stands out for its masterful use of vibrant colors and unique textures, encapsulating the essence of various fruits in each design. The result is a series of six exclusive models made from high-quality Italian acetate, equally divided between prescription glasses and sunglasses.

The collection has been conceived and developed in the dynamic City of Condal by the talented GIGI STUDIOS team. Each piece is a work of art that combines bold color palettes with delicately sculpted forms, integrating soft bevels and geometric silhouettes that add a contemporary and distinctive touch.

In the prescription glasses line, called Odd Fruits Vista, three models stand out: FRESH, ACID, and TENDER. These models feature translucent frames and subtle inner laminations, offering discreet and modern elegance.

On the other hand, the sunglasses series, Odd Fruits Sol, introduces the models BITTER, LUSH, and CITRUS. These sunglasses are a must-have for the summer, thanks to their rich colors and daring shapes that evoke the freshness and vitality of fruits. The designs combine a variety of shades and details that capture attention and add a vibrant and sophisticated touch to any summer outfit.

With this collection, GIGI STUDIOS not only showcases its mastery in eyewear design but also its ability to draw inspiration from natural elements, transforming them into fashion accessories that are both functional and artistic.

Words: @annaamaso