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Renowned Spanish fashion designer Leandro Cano made a triumphant return to his roots in Madrid, unveiling his highly anticipated Autumn/Winter 2024-2025 collection, ‘MENÚ.’ The immersive fashion showcase took place on November 7th in a captivating setting—the heart of Madrid, within an iconic parking lot that served as the backdrop for Cano’s avant-garde creations.

‘MENÚ’ serves as a nostalgic exploration for Cano, delving into the designer’s inaugural «buffet» collection and infusing it with the richness of his accumulated experiences, a celebration of his evolution within the fashion realm over the years. The collection boasts a diverse array of silhouettes, seamlessly blending masculine and feminine tailoring with a striking selection of jumpsuits, jackets, mermaid dresses, and midi dresses.

The avant-garde spirit of ‘MENU’ is evident in the bold play with proportions, as seen in the expansive volumes of skirts, shoulders, sleeves, coats, and trench coats. The collection’s defining aesthetic lies in the deconstruction and geometrization of volumes, where rounded shapes harmonize with crisp, straight lines. Adding a distinct touch, Cano incorporates motorcycle-inspired elements throughout the collection, creating a thematic coherence.

‘MENU’ captivates with its distinctive color palette, where black takes center stage for the first time, asserting its dominance throughout the collection. Vibrant tones of blue, beige, red, and pink complement the dark base. A standout feature is a bespoke print—a contemporary reinterpretation of Toile de Jouy. This unique design unfolds across various fabrics, depicting figures like Felipe II on a motorcycle, gracefully cutting through the fields of Andalusia, and Mary Tudor clutching a heart in hand.

The collection showcases Cano’s masterful use of an eclectic mix of fabrics, including neoprene, tailoring wool, denim, satin, jacquard, leather, and handwoven wool. Staying true to his signature style, Cano integrates artisanal techniques, such as hand-knit interventions adorned with bows, adding a touch of craftsmanship to the avant-garde aesthetic that defines his collections. Leandro Cano’s ‘MENÚ’ not only marks a homecoming for the designer but also stands as a testament to his unwavering creativity and commitment to pushing the boundaries of fashion.