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Starring Spanish skating star Andrew Verde and piano maker Edu Muñoz, this editorial tells the story of a motorcycle competitor (Andrew) who starts working with owner of a piano crafting studio (Edu) and together they develop a relationship that goes beyond professionalism through tools, pianos, and smoke.

Location: Piano Craft/ @pianocraft
Creative Direction: Daniela Brazon / @dani_brazon
Raquel Sanz / @la.rizzxs
Photography: Daniela Brazon / @dani_brazon
Styling: Raquel Sanz / @la.rizzxs
Joan Bas / @basjoan
Isabel Palma / @isapalmaaaaaaa
Modeling: Edu Muñoz / @edu_pts
Andrew Verde / @andrewverde

Credits clothes
Look 1
Blue Jumpsuit worn by Andrew – Surma Designs / @surmadesigns
Grey 2 piece look worn by Edu – Improve.Co / @improve.co
Black tank top – Gau Atelier / @gau.atelier
Look 2
Sweater worn by Edu – Exotica, Jean Overall – Levis
Green Sweater – Mocking of Scotland
Black pants wore by Andrew – Illicits, White Tank – Calvin Klein, Corduroy Jacket –
Look 3:
Blue Suit worn by Andrew – Enneges / @enneges
Beige Suit worn by Edu – Enneges / @enneges