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The scene is set in an ethereal environment where art springs to life. Models stand before a magnificent painting, vibrant with swirling colors. Within the painting, a figure appears trapped, symbolizing the ordinary soul stifled by societal norms. The models’ movements convey the struggle of this trapped soul, expressing a desire for freedom and individuality. Transitioning to the role of observers, they reflect on the spectacle, prompting introspection about societal expectations and the quest for authenticity.


Creative direction & arts: Angel Tang (@angeltangez), Mayra Barraza (@mayrabarraza)

Photographer: Mayra Barraza (@mayrabarraza)

Videographer: Daniel Calvin (@daniel0calvin)

Models: Gabriela Silva (@gabrielasilvariza), Alejandro (@xu_guoale)

Stylist: Angel Tang (@angeltangez)

Muah: Celia Rod Jim (@celia_r_j)

Ph & light assistants: Daniel Calvin (@daniel0calvin), Gorka De Luna (@gorkadeluna)

Fashion: Reparto (@repartostudio), ManéMané (@manemanestudio), Something’s Cooking (@smthingscooking), Paracia (@paracia)