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On September 27th, in the heart of Paris, within a historic building on Haussmann Boulevard, the Ukrainian brand LITKOVSKA showcased its SS’24 collection titled REBIRTH as part of Paris Fashion Week. 

The LITKOVSKA team introduced an unconventional approach to window displays during the show, symbolizing belief in the rebirth of Ukrainian culture. The picturesque historical glass was adorned with QR codes featuring addresses of streets that were destroyed due to the great Ukrainian war. 

The designer Lilia Litkovska personally applied all the QR codes, demonstrating her deep commitment and involvement in all aspects of the show preparation. 

Lilia Litkovska, the visionary and creator of the LITKOVSKA brand, is renowned for her structural silhouettes, precise tailoring and exquisite craftsmanship. Together with her team, she reimagines contemporary fashion through clean lines and bold sophistication, inspiring brand enthusiasts worldwide. 

The SS’24 REBIRTH collection is a profound acknowledgment of the strength of the feminine spirit in challenging times. Amidst the tumultuous thunder of air raid alarms, sirens, and rocket attacks, Lilia continues to create collections that represent the resilience of feminine power. In this way, the masculinity of the designs conveys the fragility of femininity, instilling faith in the midst of chaos. This powerful message was visually represented during the show, which drew an unprecedented number of guests from around the world.

Models gracefully moved down the runway wearing LITKOVSKA’s designs adorned with frozen seeds, symbolizing the Ukrainian identity and heritage frozen in time. REBIRTH serves as the central idea behind the designer’s authentic yet urban and powerful message. Alongside the captivating window displays, which brought tears to the eyes of the international community, attendees were able to feel the pain, strength, and unwavering spirit of the Ukrainian people, and stand in solidarity with them.

The fashion show featured the opening by Ukrainian-born model Yeva Skrobot, an outstanding talent from COVER MANAGEMENT, who mesmerized all with her grace and elegance. The event concluded with the enchanting walk of Luna Hauswirth, representing the Muse NYC model agency. Guests were also captivated by Saskia Dietz, who embodies the brand’s values brilliantly.

The event also welcomed distinguished international figures, including legendary British fashion critic Suzy Menkes, Diana Pernet, founder of the international ASVOFF festival, WWD’s Alex Wynne; David Cash, of the moment electronic music star T.Priestly, actress Grecia de la Paz, influencer twins Lydia & Tina Davies and many others. Many esteemed guests from Ukraine also graced the occasion with their presence.

«Each collection is a reflection of new life, a new beginning. However, beginnings don’t always have neat endings; they can be interrupted at the most unexpected moment, in a moment that compels us to pause. The new SS’24 ‘REBIRTH’ collection is a call not to stop, even when this moment may seem imperfect,» summarizes Lilia.