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The fourth installment of the Pharrell Williams’ world curated for Louis Vuitton feels like an ode to life. This new phase in fashion’s relationship with celebrity culture is becoming a shared experience on a dreamy lifestyle, an American dream redefined for a European mindset and for a younger generation. Across this collection we could find the newest addition to the LV catalog that are the branded dog accessories, emphasizing the relationship we maintain with these animals that are like your family. 

The creative director is trying to portray photos that exude a relatable environment and a way of life that is easy to recreate, 45 looks that delve into the attitude that the work of Williams always has been about. His specific take on contemporary dandyism is represented through references to British menswear tradition. Tailoring patterns, cricket jersey, Fair Isle knitwear… a broader take on what an Ivy League student wardrobe might look like, presenting a reality that is stereotypically correct in all forms and that reinforces the idea of a caring man that treats his pet as his child. 

For a resort collection, this 45 looks has been a perfect combination of utilitarian and preppy elements that can become a fav for a lot of influencers on the rise. The difference between Virgil Abloh and Pharrel Williams resort collections is basically the toned down aesthetic and the refusal to use big logos, instead he reinterprets the monogram of the Maison and gives it a fresh perspective. Also, we can define some of these looks as minimalistic pieces that follow the current trend of quiet luxury, where the quality and the details are the best part of the product. Some memorable bags, but we prefer to remember the doggies!

Words: @alraco43