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Louis Vuitton: Illusion Boots 

In the vibrant Autumn/Winter 2023 runway show, Louis Vuitton has left everyone astonished by unveiling its latest creation: the Illusion boots. Inspired by the artistic technique of Trompe-l’œil, these surrealistic pieces have taken the catwalks by storm, challenging conventional fashion expectations.

The trend of trompe-l’oeil has gained momentum in the fashion industry, and Louis Vuitton has been clever in incorporating it into their collection. Renowned designers like Jonathan Anderson of Loewe and Matthieu Blazy of Bottega Veneta have experimented with optical illusions, transforming everyday garments into surrealistic artworks.

In their latest venture, Louis Vuitton has elevated the illusion to new heights with the «Illusion High Boots.» These below-the-knee boots are skillfully crafted to simulate a leg, complete with ribbed white socks and hand-painted black pumps. The daring design, available in two different leather tones, has captured the public’s attention at a price of 2.000 euros, with an ankle boot version also available.

Despite the inherent boldness and provocation, the «Illusion High Boots» maintain the essence of Vuitton’s house codes, highlighting their ongoing commitment to innovation in the world of leather goods. This unique proposal seamlessly blends the brand’s distinctive elegance with a avant-garde touch.

Are these boots extraordinary?

Undoubtedly. Not everyone is willing to wear footwear that challenges conventional perceptions. However, they arrive at a time when unexpected shapes dominate the world of accessories, marking an unstoppable trend. From Loewe’s makeup brush heels to Balenciaga’s sheepskin booties with marked toes, current footwear delves into humor and the need to inject a personalized touch of madness into looks. In a world where prêt-à-porter embraces silent luxury, led by elegant and discreet brands like Phoebe Philo and The Row, designed by women for women, the footwear universe becomes the perfect space for playfulness and fun, as an iconic character from «Sex and the City» would express: «No one’s fun anymore! What happened to fun?

With the «Illusion High Boots,» Louis Vuitton has once again demonstrated that fashion is not only a means of expression but also a celebration of creativity and boldness. These boots not only challenge reality but also defy the monotony of conventional trends, leaving an indelible mark on the history of fashion.

words: @annaamaso