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Love on Tour: Harry Styles

Love On Tour is the name of Harry Styles’ concert tour that will take place on July 12th in Barcelona and July 14th in Madrid

During Love On Tour, Styles will present his third album titled «Harry’s House» released in 2022. The album has received six nominations for this year’s Grammy Awards, highlighting the recognition and success he has achieved in the music industry.

To open the concerts, the British duo Wet Leg, also nominated for Best New Artist at the Grammys, will serve as the opening act, providing a complete musical experience for the attendees.

Why does everyone love Harry? 🙂

Harry Styles’ fashion, designed by Harry Lambert, has been a standout and admired element by his fans. Some followers consider Styles’ concerts to be practically fashion shows and enjoy seeing his unique and extravagant sense of style. Some fans have even drawn and saved the looks in a photo album as an elegant keepsake.

Since September, when he started his second solo tour, Love On Tour, in honor of his 2019 album «Fine Line,» Harry Styles has taken fashion to another level in his performances. His style is characterized by wearing Gucci garments, his reference brand, and embracing a fun and eye-catching aesthetic. He has worn sequined vests, dazzling shirts, and high-waisted flared pants with suspenders. Fans, known as «Stylers,» have praised his fashion sense on Twitter and expressed their enthusiasm for the new tour outfits.

In a time when many young people are challenging gender norms through fashion (CC: Jaden Smith and Young Thug), Harry Styles has made his extravagant wardrobe a true calling card. He plays with bold colors, striking patterns, ruffles, bows, and glitter, standing out among other contemporary artists. Since 2015, Harry Lambert has been the designer responsible for creating Styles’ dazzling looks, including custom pieces made by his friend Alessandro Michele of Gucci.

words: @annaamaso