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MARC JACOBS St. Marc 2023 Collection

The designer Mowalola, rappers BK the Rula and Destroy Lonely, and Gillian Anderson’s daughter Ever Anderson to debut the hot new St. Marc bag by Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs’s St. Marc Summer 2023 handbag collection is presented with a striking campaign featuring prominent personalities from the worlds of music, design, fashion, and film. Debbie Harry, the iconic member of Blondie and influential figure in punk and new wave music, leads the campaign alongside London-based designer Mowalola, known for their bold and avant-garde style.

Joining Debbie Harry and Mowalola in the campaign are rappers BK the Rula and Destroy Lonely, who bring a touch of urban and contemporary style. Top model Lila Moss, daughter of renowned supermodel Kate Moss, also joins the campaign, highlighting her presence in the fashion world. Lastly, Ever Anderson, daughter of actress Milla Jovovich, brings her elegance and youthful charm to the collection.

The campaign for the St. Marc Summer 2023 handbags is captured by renowned photographer Chris Rhodes, who expertly conveys the essence and appeal of these accessories. The impeccable styling of the campaign is done by Sydney Rose Thomas, ensuring that every detail is in harmony with Marc Jacobs’s vision.

The St. Marc handbag collection stands out for its versatility and commitment to diversity in fashion. It is presented in three different silhouettes to adapt to different styles and occasions. The top-handle version offers classic elegance, while the convertible clutch allows for greater versatility by transforming into different bag styles. For those seeking a more compact yet equally elegant option, the mini top handle provides the perfect balance between functionality and delicacy.

The St. Marc bag by Marc Jacobs is not just a mere accessory but a statement of style and personality. With this collection, Marc Jacobs continues to excel in the fashion world and reaffirms their commitment to diversity and creativity in each of their offerings.

words: @annaamaso