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Markgong FW24: Where the city escaped from the woman 

Shanghai Fashion Week was impressive to fashion enthusiasts and press specialists this season for a lot of reasons, but there were many brands that bet on a more theatrical show like this one. The catwalk was transformed into a busy street where the main women character took over with each look, being the center of attention due to their outfits and attitude.

It was a rendition to Sex and the City and all the lore that the TV show provided to popular culture and media. An unforgettable scene where the brand is developing a storytelling that is enticing to a wide audience and that stir the nostalgic feelings that some of them have with the iconic series. We could see garments that looked mean, an array of wide structured shoulders and lingerie as a stand out part of almost every outfit in a new way of using it.

Across the 48 looks, we could see a selection of tones that represent the day-to-night and an irremediable fall feeling with the presence of burgundy and dark brown. Sensibility has been a major part for the success of the brand, because fashion should be fun but you need to find a balance between all the chaos. This called chaos is a curated styling work that emphasizes the entertaining aspect of the collection and of fashion itself.

Very haphazardly thrown together, the models embodied the idea of being outside home as you are inside it, to share the mess that makes you a unique persona and that represents all your likings. In the case of shoes, they were precisely selected to give maturity to a show that plays on the idea of a young woman becoming a grown up, while not being able to let go of the untidiness of the teenage years. A little bit drunk and a big chunk of confidence is what the Markgong’s woman is succeeding at representing on the show, both a relatable and viral attempt to give voice to a generation of misunderstood women.

Words: @alraco43