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The act of crafting a digital presentation, it might seem tough for a brand as material and texture focused as this one. Since his graduation show at Central Saint Martins, Matty Bovan has been presenting incredible colorful pieces that might not be a serve for some people, but for the LGTBQ+ community is such an opportunity to be in the spotlight of a fashion industry that is not so into incorporating presentations that are out of the norm.

For this next season, the designer has been playing with traditional English textures and historical references, while keeping his chaotic and macabre twist. We can get a feeling of John Galliano and some Rei Kawakubo in his work, from the colors to the silhouette and construction of the garments. The lookbook features some sculptural and avant-garde designs that are juxtaposed to the classicism of the environment.

Organically enveloping the body, his creations are presented in a futuristic way focusing on the art of tweed. Extreme color combinations across the 26 looks that set the collection apart from any other show this season. The British designer is presenting a fashion film that accompanies the lookbook, where we can see all the emotions that went through his mind while creating this collection, an eclectic amalgam of deconstruction that looks like flesh.

Matty Bovan is expanding his own lexicon into new horizons, while swallowing every piece of detail that history can offer him. It is incredible to see tweed, the textile that made Coco Chanel hit the fashion world and take over it, being reinterpreted in such a provocative way. A refreshing wave of fashion designers is hitting the mainstream, and we need to keep track of everyone.

Words: @alraco43