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Dress, Alexander McQueen, spring 2001. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.
Dress, Alexander McQueen, spring 2011. Courtesy of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Meet Gala 2024: Sleeping Beauties

Get ready to embark on a captivating journey through the mists of time and fashion, as the MET Gala 2024 is about to awaken the Sleeping Beauties. The first Monday of May, specifically on May 6, 2024, will mark a milestone in the world of haute couture and artistic innovation.

The press release unveils a theme that transcends the mere display of elegant dresses: «Sleeping Beauties: The Awakening of Fashion.» 250 selected pieces from the permanent collection of the Costume Institute will take center stage, some of which have never seen the public light. This is not just an event; it is a rebirth, an awakening of elegance hidden in the annals of fashion history.

Max Hollein, the director and CEO of the MET, sheds light on the magnitude of this exhibition. It’s not just a glamorous runway; it’s an immersion into the depths of creativity and history. «This innovative exhibition will expand the boundaries of our imagination,» declares Hollein, inviting us to explore the multiple facets of these masterpieces, unravel their stories, and immerse ourselves in the profound appreciation of their timeless beauty.

But the MET Gala 2024 is not content with being just a static exhibition. It fully dives into the modern era, merging research, conversation, and technology to breathe new life into historical objects. Creative and immersive activations aim to convey the smells, sounds, textures, and movements of garments that, although no longer directly interact with the body, still have stories to tell.

So, get ready to witness an unprecedented awakening, where fashion comes to life through the centuries, where each garment becomes an echo of its own story. The MET Gala 2024 promises to be more than an event; it will be an experience that transports you through time, awakening fascination and admiration for fashion in its purest and eternal form.

Words: @annaamaso