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Meet Helen Kirkum Studio

Surely most of you have a pair of odd sneakers at home that you don’t use anymore because they are old, broken, or you just don’t like them anymore. Those trainers that one day you bought excitedly, ended up forgotten inside your closet. This is exactly what happened to Helen Kirkum, but she wanted to stop that, so with her sewing machine and her love for forgotten sneakers, the London-based artist and designer founded Helen Kirkum Studio; a brand that, since 2019, celebrates uniqueness and sustainability through their products.

The brand gives them a second life using out of stock materials and processes based on self-expression and hand made creation. Inside Helen Kirkum Studio came up ‘Bespoke’, a service that shines for being based on the values of uniqueness, individuality and creativity. The clients have to choose an odd pair of sneakers that they want to give a free, playful and personalized vibe. The team of Helen Kurkum Studio makes sure to connect the client’s story with the story of the designers behind the original design, reflecting the true magic of vintage clothing; you have to appreciate the history that a piece already has and add yours.

The fact that vintage clothing is on trend right now is not a secret. We have seen celebrities such as Bella Hadid, Emily Ratajkowski or Matilda Djerf going shopping to vintage shops around the world; turning something that used to be something to be ashamed of into something cool. But vintage clothes are not only in street style, but also on red carpets, as we could see in the last Met Gala full of Chanel archive pieces. Helen Kirkum Studio has taken vintage clothing to another level, being a pioneer of the deconstructed style inside the sneakers industry and being one of the first ones to use the upcycling technique.

The upcycling style consists of having a vintage piece and customizing and giving it an actual vibe without breaking the old one. We have seen this technique in big brands and in emerging ones, such as the t-shirt made by vintage ties from Muro Collection or the skirt made by a bunch of trench coats from Rocio Soto Collection. The upcycling and deconstructing culture is getting stronger and stronger every day, a new way to feel unique and to express individuality, connecting the past with the present to give the pieces a new future.

words: Laia Jordà @laiiajorda