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Mercedes Benz Fashion Talent Prize February 2024: Who is on the runway? 

Every Sunday in the MBFW Madrid calendar, young emerging designers present their collections in a catwalk to provide visibility and support with an international exposure. On February 18th, the new edition of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent returns with nine designers from emerging brands. The promotion of rights will be highlighted.The Allianz EGO Runway is a space where people can enjoy the talent that is being born in our borders. A series of double presentations, which on this occasion will last from 11:00 in the morning until after 8:00 p.m. Nine disruptive, avant-garde, unique and different designers who will present their collections—some for the first time—in pavilion 14.1 of the Ifema Madrid. This long and intensive day will conclude with the selection of the winner of the Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Prize.

At 11:00 AM, COCONUTSCANKILL will start the day with a collection titled “SOMMET”, in which essence and fabrics intertwined as the creative process and life do. Recovo, a Barcelona-based textile supplier that buys and sells surplus textiles for reuse, promoting circularity in the world of fashion, will help to reinterpret classic tailoring into a contrast between rudeness and femininity. Amara Caruncho Ledo, the young designer in charge of the brand, after winning the Allianz EGO Confidence in Fashion on September, has the opportunity to present a collection in the known Allianz EGO Runway.

In the same time slot we can find DIMONI by Joan Ribas, another Spanish fashion brand that with “TT” is trying to converge the gym culture with feminine drapery. A mix of technical fabrics or Lycra with plush, cotton and denim will create an outstanding collection, where ironic airbrushed or screen-printed logos will be the final touch.

At 13:30 PM, JUAN VG will continue the day presenting “GAMBERRXS” a collection that exposes his vision and reinterpretation of how people would dress at school, if we didn’t have such a normative society. His known upcycling techniques and his illustrations are going to give this collection a naive and grunge look.

In the case of ORIOL CLAVELL, he is presenting a collection in the middle of studying the MA of Central Saint Martins. He is a menswear designer that after winning some international prizes have decided to launch a homonymous label. For this collection, in particular, he is creating a queer castle, where historical details and silhouettes coexist contrasted with garments inspired by the current queer night scene. All carried by the juxtaposition of craftsmanship and new technologies.

At 16:00 PM, EVADE HOUSE by Evangelina Julia is presenting her sixth collection and her second in this space. “TEXTURAS RENACIDAS” is the name of it and we can are going to experience how a research and development process can generate edible clothing from different materials from fruits and vegetables. Revisiting their own pieces from previous collections, they are able to create with a zero waste policy in mind.

Lorenzo Binard and Elisabet Vallecillo, for the first time, are presenting their project ANYSTUDIO, which is a brand that focused on enjoying the creative process and breaking the norms established by current fashion. With a gender-inclusive point of view, they are creating a collection around the urban culture enchanted by delicate fabrics and some tailoring. A new way of understanding fashion and materialize creative ideas.

At 18:00 PM, ADRIÀ EGEA is showing his current state of mind in a collection where black is the predominant color. Routine, repetition and time are reflected in broad and uniform silhouettes. Following his previous work presented on this platform, with ERROR SERIES 3.0 he is trying to find the doubt that surrounds the existence of contemporary man.

Along him, VISORI STUDIO by Javier Soria is getting for the second time in a row into this calendar with “VOLTIO”. A collection that revolves around the punk world and represent the savoir-faire of the brand, where deconstruction and raw details are essential. Also, he is making this collection as a tribute to the legacy that Vivienne Westwood leave in the fashion world.

At 20:00 PM, being the last Spanish show of the season, PETER SPOSITO STUDIO is presenting “THE RTW COUTURE” a collection that focused on artistic expression and the craft of moulage. He is trying to express through clothing that the act of colliding with reality is reflected in the opening of doors to the past to refocus and reinterpret experiences. Also, “cause you’re the couture of your ready to wear”.

Afterwards, the Mexican fashion brand, Toronero are going to present the folklore and identity of Charrería and NeoArtesanía. Their significant codes are expressed through a collection that pays tribute to the natural beauty of its landscapes. With “BONANZAS”, they are establishing theirselfs as a western and country inspired brand.

Then, we will discover who is the winner of the edition for Mercedes-Benz Fashion Talent Prize and who will represent our country in an international Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week, like Aitor Goikoetxea did this past September in Mexico.

Words: @alraco43