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MET Gala 2024: Review

The first Monday of May can mean only one thing: the MET Gala. A spring evening unlike any other in terms of fashion, culture, and the convergence of renowned personalities, annually congregating at the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York since 1972 in support of the Costume Institute.

The MET Gala 2024 has commenced its ceremony with the unveiling of its iconic red carpet. In this pivotal night for fashion, the Metropolitan Museum of Art officially presents this year’s exhibition, «Sleeping Beauties: Reawakening Fashion,» exploring how technology can breathe new life into garments too old and fragile to be worn again.

Guests ascend the museum’s famous staircase adorned in attire paying homage to the event’s dress code, «The Garden of Time.» The fashion theme for the evening draws inspiration from a tale by J.G. Ballard about a count who, to shield his castle from an enraged mob, cuts a rose from his garden to slow down time until the flowers vanish completely. Against the dystopian backdrop of this narrative and the exhibition’s focus on the fusion of the old and the new, one can anticipate a red carpet adorned with a plethora of garments, from floral designs to cutting-edge technology-inspired fashion, and even some nods to the story of Sleeping Beauty.

The gala, which fundraises for the Costume Institute of the Metropolitan Museum, is renowned for maintaining a highly selective guest list. While attendee names remain under wraps, we are privy to some personalities gracing the carpet with their elegance: Bad Bunny, Chris Hemsworth, Jennifer Lopez, and Zendaya, who serve as co-chairs alongside Anna Wintour. The remaining attendees, including prominent singers, actors, models, athletes, and artists from around the globe, will be unveiled in due course.

Words: @annaamaso