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The inspiration for Meyer’s Spring-Summer 2024 collection is drawn from the designer’s Alsatian origins. The native land and the folklore of a provincial are confronted with the fantasy of Paris and its Fashion in 10 almost-Couture silhouettes. 

The designer uses the traditional codes of his region to integrate them into pieces with materials characteristic of the Haute Couture workshops; fine wools, tulle, feathers, organza… We then find evocations of rural life: prints of Alsatian villages, jackets cut like kitchen aprons, rooster and ostrich feathers, cut and reassembled to look like clover or ears of wheat. Finally, a tee-shirt with a heart-shaped cutout on the back – the brand’s emblem – in reference to the Alsatian chair backs with the same pattern.

»This collection transcribes the story of a provincial who dreams of Paris, it’s fashion and it’s Couture workshops. My roots are transcribed more or less explicitly thought the pieces».

Meyer is also about the culture of product and execution. Head of Workshop at Ludovic de Saint Sernin, then Trained by the Tailor workshop at Alaïa, Lucas Meyer made all the patterns and sewed the pieces of the collection himself. Tailors pieces are assembled in the traditional way, by hand, as ready-to-wear no longer does. Layers of canvas of different thicknesses are worked inside the garment so as to give the piece its volume and hold…

The collection is structured as Couture presentations were until the 60s: daytime suits then afternoon outfits, evening sets and wedding dresses. Indeed, the collection is closed by a white silhouette, a jumpsuit giving the illusion of a shirt-trousers set, buttoned in the back by a cascade of covered buttons.

 To extend this experience, the collection’s lookbook resembles the photos sent by the Couture houses to clients who were unable to attend the presentations. Black and white photos, on which the fabric samples of the looks are stapled. At Meyer, backs are extremely important. Invisible buttons and zips as on evening dresses, bare backs, tied ribbons and transparencies, so many details taken from the women’s wardrobe, at the service of a fragile and elegant man.

The Meyer Spring-Summer 2024 collection is thus an intimate tribute to Alsace, his native region. The notion of Tradition is omnipresent, both in the regional references and in the way of making the clothes. The know-how and the work by hand are at the heart of the creative process of the brand, nourished by the History of fashion that the designer respects and reclaims.