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Milo J Wraps Up Successful Tour in Spain, Leaving Audiences Moved

The Argentine artist, Milo J, aged 17, has left a lasting impression on his Spanish audience as he concludes his highly successful tour across the country, presenting his album «111» to sold-out crowds in every city.

Milo J crossed the Atlantic to connect with his Spanish fans, captivating them with his performances in six cities across the nation.

Spain’s major venues were adorned with «sold out» signs, welcoming Milo J with open arms. The artist has stirred emotions with his personal and profound lyrics, proving that, at just 17 years old, he has already earned his place at the pinnacle of the urban genre.

Milo J has shone in Spain, performing tracks from his recent album «111», which delve deeply into his life story. In doing so, the Argentine artist has achieved a profound connection with his fans, who have embraced and made each song their own. They have passionately sung and shed tears live in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, A Coruña, Pamplona, and Seville throughout March. Milo J’s performances always leave the audience yearning for more, due to his unique and special presence.

From the moment the intro begins, the atmosphere is charged with Milo J’s personal energy, full of emotion and intimacy, to which the audience fully surrenders.

Among the tracks and stands filled with banners dedicated to the artist, Milo J always remains attentive to his audience, caring for them and speaking directly to them from the stage. Amidst tears, his fans have sung «SINCERA TE», «DOM1NGO», «TU MANTA», or «Rincón», and have jumped and danced to «UNA BALA» and his latest release «Vitalicio». Additionally, the mosh pits with «Fruto» and the «Bzrp Music Session Vol. 57» have set Spain vibrating, tracks he shares with the current producer, Bizarrap.

During this tour, Milo J has also performed his hit «DISPARA***», which he released with his friend and fellow performer, Nicki Nicole, and his recent success «M.A.I», which continues to travel around the world and capture hearts.

The most special moments of the shows have undoubtedly been the closeness that the young Argentine artist conveys to his audience, which, combined with his lyrics and incredible stage presence, have brought more than a few tears during his time in Spain.

Words: @annaamaso