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Miu Miu: The bourgeois staples diary

Named after the affectionate nickname her family gave her, Miu Miu was founded in 1992 by Miuccia Prada. The brand is still a subsidiary of the Italian fashion group that carries the family’s surname, which has passed on to be one of the most legendary names in the industry. Born to represent and captivate a younger more juvenile audience than Prada, Miu Miu has a willing personality that drove it to become the truest reflection of the founder’s vision, and ultimately, a commercial success.

The brand has been growing in popularity in recent years thanks to its astonishing ability to style garments in a novel manner and come up with new fashion concepts that appeal to younger generations. It would be this audience that would later translate those garments presented by the brand into streetwear trends and aesthetics such as the geeky-chic. Miu Miu’s collections have filled thousands of magazine editorial pages and made stylists craze about them, turning the brand into the ultimate trends bible on the way. 

For fall this year, however, Miuccia has taken an expected-unexpected twist providing a new take on the upcoming trends and enlightening the future of ready-to-wear. The Miu Miu girl is now a refined woman whose attire consists of practical clothes and solid-colored outwear like heavy wool and girlish coats. Accessorized with pearls and large leather gloves, the outfits are now dotted with a new sensitivity that seems to trace us back to a time when manners dictated the lady’s wardrobe. 

Miuccia has done it again, it has firmly projected a rare lady-like style with the eclecticism that is characteristic of her. The shapes and textures of the latest ready-to-wear 2024 collection of the brand imply the comeback of the bourgeois staples through silky fitted dresses that seem to shine under the photographer’s flashes, robust colors, and thick sweaters and coats that are not-so-subtly adorned with sparkly flower motifs.

The femininity of those outfits contrasts with the masculine elegance of the presented trousers whose wearability and comfortability help to imagine the miu miu woman in its full splendor. 

Ladylike maximalist skirts offer volume and shape to the looks while the oversized jackets or shirts layered on them add an interesting contrast of color and shape that gets accentuated by the cowboy boots that so much differ from the ballerina and the loafers that some other models wear. 

The combination of textures and colors was exquisite with just enough dramatism to add a fair point of surprise. As per usual, Mrs. Prada ensured to keep pushing the boundaries between conventional and unconventional. The neon greens and other bright bright bold colors offer a glimpse into the future color of the season while the fur coats offer a sophisticated alternative for those wanting to join the viral mob wife aesthetic.

Of particular interest seems as well the the dream-like model casting, primed for its age diversity, including models with characters such as the 68-year-old Spanish actress Angela Molina or the Shanghai-based Prada and Miu Miu collector Dr Qin, who got contacted by the brand on Instagram.  

Miu Miu has always been the way of Miuccia to tell the world what she wants, she allows herself to be playful and have fun with fashion. That is how this collection takes a chic-rare woman shape, through elegant cardigans and volumed skirts that seem to be taken out of Mrs. Prada’s wardrobe and shifted to take the runway in a courageous attempt to bring back the power of garments and staples with personality with its always preppy approach.

Words: @edugilhurta