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MM6 Maison Margiela Unveils a Futuristic and Clinically Refined Collection for Fall-Winter 2024-2025

In the aftermath of MM6 Maison Margiela’s dazzling Haute Couture presentation, attendees questioned, «Is this the same director?» Anticipation for John Galliano’s trademark dreamlike aesthetics was palpable, given the brand’s recent bombastic showcase. However, the Fall-Winter 2024-2025 collection took a sharp turn away from the excess and decadence that marked Galliano’s triumphant return a decade ago.

In a surprising departure, the brand embraced a futuristic vibe, featuring styles that Law Roach might envision for Zendaya’s Dune 2 promotional tour, all while maintaining an insider perspective. The collection places emphasis on bold patterns, with oversized silhouettes where shoulders take center stage. Dresses adorned with quarterback-style shoulder pads, tailored jackets transformed into dresses with a cross-closure and pointed shoulders redefine the fashion landscape.

Variations showcase rounded shoulder silhouettes, especially in leather jackets. The tailoring trend for 2024 revolves around monochromatic looks, featuring extra-long vests paired with thigh-high leather boots. These ensembles come in two forms: as a deep-necked dress or layered with a white shirt underneath. Some variations include suits splashed with pink and yellow paint, reminiscent of past proposals seen in both clothing and accessories.

Overall, the collection aligns with the prevailing dark trend in Milan, yet Margiela introduces a palette of neutral tones such as white, beige, purple, and various greens. The show concludes with a striking all-red ensemble, comprising a frayed knit top and bottom, complemented by shoes and glasses in the same hue. Accessories echo the contrast theme found in the clothing proportions, featuring mini bags alongside double accessories.

In the accessory realm, nods to the founder abound, with some ensembles adorned with fork-shaped bracelets reminiscent of the iconic pieces from the 2001-2002 collection. Drawing inspiration from the concept of the «uncanny valley» in science, which describes the unsettling feeling when artificial creations closely resemble humans, MM6 Maison Margiela continues to redefine closet essentials, standing at the intersection of attractive oddity.

Discussing the creations of MM6 Maison Margiela and its parent brand goes beyond mere aesthetics, delving into a realm where beauty or ugliness becomes irrelevant. The intention is to elicit reactions, intrigue, and desires from the audience, positioning MM6 perpetually in the realm of enticing strangeness.

Words: @annaamaso