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MSGM FW24: Milan’s Red Metro Line Sets the Pace as the Origin of All 

Milan, Italy – Massimo Giorgetti, the visionary mind behind the vibrant Italian fashion label MSGM, confronts the relentless speed of modern life with his Fall/Winter 2024 collection. Staging the runway show inside Milan’s Porta Venezia subway station, Giorgetti prompts a contemplation on the hurried nature of our existence.

In a reflection on tempo, the designer questions the necessity of constant acceleration, asking, «Does time go faster than a motorbike? A subway? Technology?» The runway, set against the backdrop of the bustling Porta Venezia subway station, symbolizes life’s rapid pace, as models traverse past the colorful walls of the Milan Metro.

Collaborating with the Foundation of Franco Albini, architect and designer of Milan’s first M1 metro line, Giorgetti integrates Albini’s iconic tubular handrails and subway motifs as brooches and inlaid decorations on coats. Portuguese artist Tiago Alexandre contributes illustrations of motorcycle helmets, emphasizing the theme of velocity, featured on jacquard sweaters and buttoned shirts beneath blazers or tucked into loose trousers.

Giorgetti introduces a touch of glamor with sequins, feathers, and glitter adorning hoodies, briefs, and coats. The final looks showcase a textural blue coat elevated to a youthful level, while denim ensembles feature kaleidoscopic rhinestones.

In an intriguing collaboration, MSGM utilizes the Google Pixel 8’s AI-based camera to create unique patterns and prints. This groundbreaking partnership marks Google’s first foray into the fashion industry, with further developments expected at the upcoming Salone del Mobile.

MSGM FW24 challenges us to reconsider the pace of our lives. Giorgetti encourages a shift from the constant rush, urging us to find value in slowing down. The collection’s prints, inspired by metropolitan Milan and motorcycle helmets, combined with the groundbreaking collaboration with Google, form a narrative that prompts reflection on the preciousness of time amidst life’s relentless speed.

words: @annaamaso