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Namilia FW24: An unapologetic spectacle to fight the norm

The hottest brand of Berlin Fashion Week, Namilia, presented their last collection on Tuesday night. The creative duo, Emilia Pfohl and Non Li, expressed their ideas of reworked femininity and masculinity throughout a collection full of clashing strong and sensual elements to present a more modern understanding of gender expression. Unapologetic and sex-positive are the best adjectives to define the work of these creatives.

After Crushing Utopia and In Loving Memory of My Sugar Daddy, they are still presenting in Berlin, their home, with Pfoten weg!, a collection inspired by military looks, medieval armor and glamorous trash. As usual, they are creating provocative looks to embrace the presence of queer people in society. New silhouettes are introduced by sculptural fits and couture-inspired design implementing a new aesthetic to the brand.

The show was placed at Kulturforum Gemäldegalerie, a German museum, where they disrupted the ambience through experimental designs and an original soundtrack by SH3L, enhancing the sensory experience. Diversity was shown in the casting, giving space for every single person in the wide spectrum of people that might exist, focused on the ones that are rejected by the norm.

For this season, aiming to imbue the wearer with confidence, power, and undeniable allure; the pieces explore different materials and aesthetics with an array of prints and patterns that include realtree motifs to simulate military uniforms and monograms prints that were showstoppers.

The latest presentation by Namilia encourages individuals to embrace their identity unapologetically, designing fashion for unapologetic individuals. Also, with some parts of the collection they are trying to attract more public with a simpler design language, more wearable than ever. 

Words: @alraco43