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Nebulosa 01

“Nebulosa 01” is the first capsule of visuals and designs of an inner journey based in self-identity. It seeks to capture authenticity evoking an explosion of the atypical, appealing in depth to the dreamworld.

The volumes, the asymmetry, the contrast or the projections on the garments, creates the idea that these are a blank page. Which is interpreted personally by the being that carries them. Therefore, it gives them different personalities that can transform them further. The result is a life creation, so they can tell their own story through our images.

Fashion design & Creative direction: Sandra Pérez Sánchez @sandrita_605

Photo: Ismael Villaverde Martínez @_one_rabbit_ 

Studio & Set: Ismael Villaverde Martínez @_one_rabbit_ 

Model: Sandra Pérez Sánchez @sandrita_605