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New Dior Chrono: A Fusion of Flexibility and Style

Dior’s latest release, the Dior Chrono, showcases remarkable flexibility despite its prominent structure and substantial volume. This unique appeal is enhanced by a mix of textures, featuring mesh inserts and leather effects, available in a variety of shades including nude, white, black, silver, and gold, depending on the model.

The iconic CD initials adorn the outer sides of these sneakers, while a star, inspired by a significant moment on rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré in Paris, graces the tongue as a lucky charm. The two-tone lacing system perfectly complements the design, highlighting the brand’s attention to detail.

A must-have for the season, the Dior Chrono seamlessly blends sportswear with classic Dior elegance. Now available on the official website, these sneakers are designed by creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri for dynamic women who are always on the move. The Dior Chrono stands out in Dior’s Fall/Winter 2024 collection, embodying the sleek running shoe style that has gained popularity among celebrities like Hailey Bieber and Bella Hadid, who favor the retro “dad shoe” trend.

Merging the functional style of running sneakers with Dior’s couture artistry, the Dior Chrono reimagines house codes to create a modern expression of the brand. Featuring an ultra-light, voluminous sole engineered for traction and grip, these sneakers also include “fishnet” panels for optimal airflow and a refined touch reminiscent of French hosiery.

Closer inspection reveals subtle homages to Dior’s heritage, such as the discreet star on the heel and tongue, celebrating Monsieur Dior’s lucky encounter on rue du Faubourg-Saint-Honoré. This star remains a cherished symbol within the brand. Available in a palette of pink, black, white, and metallic gold and silver leathers, the Dior Chrono highlights Dior’s exceptional craftsmanship.

Unveiled during Dior’s Pre-Fall 2024 collection in New York City, the Dior Chrono exemplifies Chiuri’s vision of integrating contemporary sportswear with Dior’s timeless aesthetic. Available now for pre-order online and set to debut in stores on May 30th, the Dior Chrono is poised to be the summer’s must-have sneaker.

The Dior Chrono sneaker will be available from May 30 and is now available for pre-order on dior.com.

Words: @annaamaso