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Nicki Nicole Lights Up Madrid and Barcelona with ‘ALMA’ Tour Performances

During the nights of March 22nd and 23rd, Madrid and Barcelona were immersed in Nicki Nicole’s unique energy as she sold out both dates of her «ALMA» tour, leaving her audience completely captivated.

Attendees witnessed a spectacle filled with surprises and a personal, powerful aesthetic. Nicki dazzled with her strength, empowerment, and charisma, enveloping everyone in an unforgettable experience.

Amid palpable emotion, fans sang along to songs from her new album «ALMA,» such as «Tienes Mi Alma,» «8AM,» and «Se va 1 y llegan 2,» as well as her hits like «Dispara***» and the BZRP Music Session, shared with Milo J and Bizarrap.

Collaborations with Spanish artists added a special touch to the event. In Madrid, the surprise appearance of Rels B during «qué le pasa conmigo?» elicited a torrent of emotions, while in Formentera, the mention of Aitana excited the audience.

One of the highlights was Delaossa’s special participation in Madrid, where Nicki shared words of camaraderie before performing «Me Has Dejado» together. Additionally, Delaossa captivated the audience with his hit «El Patio.»

Nicki once again demonstrated her unique connection with her fans by stepping off stage to embrace them and sing together «Otra Noche,» her hit with Los Ángeles Azules.

The night also featured moments of intimacy, with songs like «Plegarias,» where Nicki expressed her gratitude to the audience. Her latest album, «ALMA,» continues to garner success, recently recognized as the only Argentine album among Rolling Stone’s top 100 albums of 2023.

Words: @annaamaso