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NIMPH Unveils ‘The Silver Thread’: A Mesmerizing Fusion of Medieval Majesty and Modern Elegance

NIMPH has unveiled its latest collection, «THE SILVER THREAD,» marking the sixth chapter of the brand’s journey. The runway event took place in L’Hospitalet de Llobregat, outside the confines of the 080 schedule, within the transformed space of David Haro (@de.ac.te), which served as a backdrop for a scene that bordered on the ritualistic, capturing the essence of NIMPH’s evolution. Drawing inspiration primarily from the medieval era and its myriad contrasts, the collection was presented amidst an ambiance reminiscent of that illustrious period.

Against the rich tapestry of the Middle Ages, the collection delves into the inherent contrasts and duality: light versus darkness; earth juxtaposed with metal; the harmony of nature meeting the bustle of urban life; and the interplay between purity and sin. Within this framework, reality and fantasy seamlessly intertwine, weaving a narrative steeped in princess tales, mythical creatures, enchantments, curses, and the allure of witches. It’s a world where the boundary between fantasy and reality is delineated by the thinnest of threads—a nearly invisible yet undeniable connection, symbolized by the unbreakable «Silver Thread» that binds two intricately intertwined realms.

Under the creative stewardship of Patty Mañá, the collection, aptly titled «The Silver Thread,» embarks on an exploration of the medieval era’s lights and shadows, delving into its rich symbolism and myriad architectural and ornamental elements. From its inception, NIMPH has remained steadfast in its commitment to sustainable production methods. Fabrics for this collection were meticulously sourced from deadstock, courtesy of the Recovo platform, which facilitates the connection between designers and producers seeking to repurpose surplus fabrics.

In addition, textiles sourced from stockstextiles—a local supplier specializing in fabric recovery from factories in Barcelona and its environs—were employed. Furthermore, the collection embraced upcycling, breathing new life into second-hand garments to create innovative pieces. Thus, in this latest chapter of NIMPH’s journey, a captivating juxtaposition emerges, seamlessly melding modernity with medieval influences; elegance with an air of relaxation; and the ethereal beauty of semi-transparent fabrics with the robustness of armor forged from sheets—in collaboration with Sofía Valencia—or the comforting embrace of ordinary fabrics like sweatshirt fleece. The set design itself served as a tableau, featuring a striking white papier-mâché «portal» as its centerpiece, masterfully crafted by Indra Zabala and Jou Massana. Surrounding it was a labyrinth of white salt, meticulously drawn on the floor by artist Jodie Chinn, through which the models gracefully traversed, adding an extra layer of mystique to the spectacle.

Words: @annaamaso