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Off-White FW24: Reimagined African Heritage by Ib Kamara

Commonly, for every show brands are rolling the dice while deciding what trend is going to be the predominant for the season. This time, quite literally, Ib Kamara has decided that an acid lime green is the color that represents Off-White for the next season. His audacity to show bright colors and to put racialized people in the center of the conversation is to be admired.

Across the 59 looks presented, the previous art and image director, now creative director of the company, has shown his maximalist effort until now on a memorable and sculptural runway. A coed show was proposed with a point of view very clear, expressing deep feelings throughout unfiltered expression. The collection is titled «Black By Popular Demand» and is connecting the dots between different cultures that are already living and breathing on the same wave. Besides, the clothing items presented are a joyful take on African identity, one that understands culture as a cross-pollinated thing, where everyone in the contemporary world is connected in some way. 

Being the first 21st century luxury house is not an easy task and this postmodern streetwear brand is the one facing this problem. After the passing of its founder, Virgil Abloh, the heritage was in danger until Kamara found his way to construct a strong identity with the codes installed by the unforgettable culture shaker and architect. His formula is all about to be inventive and to take risks, this time even went more maximalist than ever, talking about his own tastes through the pieces.

First, we encounter the female part of the collection where a fierceful feeling is being communicated with strong shoulders., deconstruction of sports jersey tops and gestures. Trimmed fake fur was also included, making the pieces more elevated and complex without losing the irony and commercial roots of it all. The menswear is a mixture between codes of basketball with a softened take on 90s style that has been on the edge thanks to the work of ERL. Men’s silhouettes are cleaner with a star garment that is the reinterpretation of a varsity jacket. However, the real deal came with the presentation of the baller sneaker, which is a shoe that is going to shake the sneakerhead sphere and we hope that it does it in the right way. Contrary to women, Ib Kamara is softening men through the color palette and the use of elements out of reach for the male gaze.

In conclusion, the show is presenting a new Off-White, one where Ib Kamara is under control and where African identity is transmitted to a wider audience, positioning themselves against minimalist trends and establishing neon and pastel colors as the future of fashion.

Words: @alraco43