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Oscar Casas catwalk in Gran Vía to introduce the KFC service »Ya voy yo»

«Ya voy yo» is KFC’s online ordering and restaurant pickup service. For its launch, the brand hosts a fashion catwalk  featuring Óscar Casas, nine models, and an exclusive collection by Reparto Studio for KFC.

KFC premieres its «Ya voy yo» service, a new online offering that allows users to schedule their order through the KFC app or website and pick it up at the restaurant without waiting. Yesterday afternoon, on the occasion of the launch of this service, the brand captured the attention of the passersby on Gran Vía, one of the main streets of the capital. This event took place during the fashion parade led by the well-known actor, Óscar Casas, to introduce «Ya voy yo».

The young actor Óscar Casas, star of the upcoming film «Loneliness Has Wings,» which marks the directorial debut of his brother Mario Casas, became the true star of this parade. Accompanied by nine models from the renowned UNO MODELS agency, the actor led the procession, surprising the onlookers with an exclusive design by Reparto Studio inspired by the iconic brand character, Colonel Sanders. During the catwalk, both Óscar and the models prominently carried a bag as a representation of the action involved in «Ya voy yo». The brand took advantage of this eye-catching accessory to include a series of exclusive discount codes, as part of a promotional campaign, targeting the passers by and viewers on social media and other media outlets.

During the catwalk, fashion played an essential role thanks to the participation of Reparto Studio, the young brand founded by Mexican designer Margil Peña and Basque designer Ana Viglione, whose transgressive style has been featured in the outfits of renowned international artists such as Tokischa, Mala Rodríguez, and La Zowi.

Reparto Studio’s designs were responsible for elevating this fashion runway with an exclusive collection of 10 characters inspired by the brand itself, as well as profiles and situations that would lead to using «Ya voy yo» KFC’s order pickup service. Among the designs, Óscar Casas showcased an original ensemble inspired by the founder of KFC, donning the iconic white suit and bowtie, while the models, in turn, paraded with unique ensembles inspired by the most representative elements of the brand’s iconography. From the interpretation of KFC’s iconic bucket to the representation of «crunchy» textures in the different outfits, simulating the popular breading and the original recipe that characterizes the world’s most popular fried chicken.

A special event where, in addition to catwalk, the renowned actor and models showcased exclusive discount codes through their eye-catching accessory, redeemable at KFC restaurants to celebrate the premiere of their pickup service, «Ya voy yo»