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Paco Rabanne x H&M

The collaboration between Rabanne and H&M is like a dazzling tribute to the revolutionary designs of Paco Rabanne, orchestrated by the creative genius Julien Dossena. This collection not only resurrects the legendary creations of the late founder but infuses them with a contemporary urban flair. According to Esquire, it’s a fusion of Paco Rabanne’s iconic dancefloor style with today’s trends, seamlessly blending sporty casual wear and sophisticated cuts.

Step into a world of brilliance with the Rabanne x H&M collection—a sensory delight that spans both women’s and men’s fashion. Picture silver suits that shimmer like moonlit reflections, metallic mesh vests exuding an avant-garde charm, and loungewear that demands attention. The accessories are stars in their own right, featuring sequin and metallic mesh bags, chic booties, and bathing slippers adorned with a cascade of sequins. It’s a collection that effortlessly transports you to a realm of glitz and glamour, where metallic fabrics and sparkling sequins reign supreme.

Adding an extra layer of artistry to this collaboration is a short film directed by Xavier Dolan. Starring top models like Anok Yai and Noma Han, along with the captivating presence of Rianne Van Rompaey, TikTok sensation Vinnie Hacker, and actor Issa Perica, this cinematic journey blurs the lines between fantasy and reality. Set in a festive atmosphere with elements of science fiction, the film serves as a visual feast, perfectly encapsulating the essence of the Rabanne x H&M collection.

words: @annaamaso