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Paula Cánovas del Vas is fighting with the fashion industry for FW24

Between reinterpreted Carmen bags and Diablo shoes, a collection of 26 looks was presented in the Cervantes Institute by one of the Spanish designers of the new generation. Paula Cánovas del Vas is presenting each season a new concept, a new idea, breaking all the rules imposed by the luxury world on how to show a collection. For this time, she collaborated with a female wrestling club and put them on a stylish version of their combat mat. 

The exercise was to represent in a 26 looks collection a new vision about this sport and try to make clothes for athletic women. Her checkered mesh body piece was in every single model, under the new array of clothing. She gave them the possibility of feeling comfortable in their own equipment without being trapped in a version of the male uniform. Staged by Brazilian Choreographer Leonardo D’Aquino and under the art direction of Angelique Pilière, the woman created a performance which showed the ambition they have in a male-dominated sport.

It was a colorful and vindictive collection that in some type of way is preceding the Olympics in Paris. Challenging conventions and fostering individuality, this array of garments represent the real world harms that are happening through the color scheme and represent a woman that is willing to fight to advance in this society. The designer’s creations are always searching for new patterns and textures to add depth to the garments and collection, that is why in this particular selection she has gone into a comfortable kind of vibe, where she played around with the idea of everyday realism, with stretchy and breathable textiles.

The performance was her way to criticize the fashion industry, dominated by white men. Drawing on influences from 70’s sportswear and school uniforms, she gave the model and the public a feeling of protection in convulsive times. Paula Cánocas del Vas is trying to stir things up without any violence involved, she is just making social statements with each collection and trying to evolve, while staying in a hypercompetitive environment such as the fashion industry.

Words: @alraco43