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Prada Re-Nylon: A Fight for Oceans with National Geographic

Prada unveils the second chapter in its collaboration with National Geographic, underscoring its commitment to education and culture in conjunction with the launch of the new Prada Re-Nylon collection and campaign. The partnership takes the form of three episodes addressing current ocean issues. Prada Re-Nylon represents an innovative evolution of the brand’s most iconic element, nylon, a symbol that has distinguished Prada in the realm of modern luxury and beauty for over 40 years.

More than just a collection, Prada Re-Nylon embodies an ideology, differentiating itself through various communication channels that transcend the conventional bounds of fashion. This ideology aligns with the ongoing mission of the Prada Group: to educate, foster new dialogues, and inspire discussions with a focus on social responsibility.

Building on the initial collaboration phase, which involved collecting ocean plastic waste and transforming it into Econyl, a material similar to nylon but crafted from pre-collected microplastics, the second phase of the collaboration unfolds. Comprising three episodes, Prada and National Geographic Creative Works delve into the why of Prada Re-Nylon and the perils facing the world’s most delicate oceanic and aquatic ecosystems, exploring ways to make a positive impact.

The first episode focuses on the Indo-Pacific region and its islands, examining the significant loss of coral reefs and the inspiring actions taken by local communities to combat this issue. The second episode explores the Arctic, highlighting the critical problem of ocean warming and discussing the detrimental effects attributable to human activity. The third installment presents the ecosystem of the Mediterranean Sea, addressing how human activity has contributed to the emergence of invasive species and contemplating opportunities to mitigate this problem before it’s too late. These episodes underscore the vital role of ocean literacy and how knowledge can help address and possibly halt the damage for lasting positive change. Led by National Geographic photographers and explorers, each episode immerses viewers in a unique habitat where they can explore the challenges faced by each region.

As a response to these issues, starting July 2023, Prada Re-Nylon will contribute 1% of its revenue to SEA BEYOND, an online project passionate about social concerns, raising global awareness of sustainability, and promoting ocean literacy principles. The initiative aims to educate people worldwide because protecting our oceans requires enlightenment, thoughtful consideration, and action. Prada Re-Nylon and National Geographic continue their collaboration, extending beyond the conventional boundaries of fashion to educate, initiate new dialogues, and inspire fresh debates on sustainability.

Witnessing fashion serve as a protector of the environment is truly exceptional. This is one of the (many) reasons why Prada remains a preferred luxury brand. Since 2019, the Milanese brand has been dedicated to global social responsibility by joining forces with National Geographic to safeguard the planet’s oceans, launching its Re-Nylon collection. Crafted solely from regenerated nylon, created through the recycling and purification of plastic collected from the sea, fishing nets, landfills, and textile fiber waste worldwide.

 In 2024, the Italian house once again collaborates with the scientific and educational organization. This time, not only to present the latest Re-Nylon line but to delve deeper into the initiative through three new episodes. These episodes aim to explain the dangers faced by some of the world’s most delicate ocean ecosystems and what society can do to make a positive impact. 

The first episode explores the fertile Indo-Pacific region and the islands of the Indian Ocean. Examining the devastating loss of coral reefs, it showcases measures taken by local communities to combat potential harm. The second focuses on the Arctic, aiming to raise awareness about ocean warming and sparking a debate about the impact of human life on the unfortunate environment we inhabit. 

Finally, the third chapter explores the oceanic ecosystem of the Mediterranean, documenting how human activity has led to the appearance of invasive species with devastating effects on its fishing communities. 

Each of the short films has been directed by the National Geographic team of photographers and explorers. Highlighting the different conditions faced by the world’s oceans, they provide an opportunity to learn about ocean education to address and stop the damage caused by humanity. But that’s not all! It’s important to mention that 1% of the proceeds from the Prada Re-Nylon collection will go to SEA BEYOND, the educational program launched in 2019 by the Prada Group and the Intergovernmental Oceanographic Commission (IOC) of UNESCO.

Words: @annaamaso