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Primavera Sound 2024

Primavera Sound Barcelona 2024 Unveils an Epic Lineup with Global and Local Stars

Anticipation and excitement are at their peak as Primavera Sound Barcelona 2024 has revealed the lineup for its upcoming edition, and it does not disappoint in the slightest. With an eclectic mix of world-renowned artists and emerging local talent, the festival promises to be an unforgettable experience for music lovers.

Leading the pack of international stars is the iconic Lana del Rey, who has solidified her status as one of the most influential artists in the music industry. Alongside her, impressive names such as Pulp, SZA, Disclosure, FKA Twigs, Justice, Mitski, The National, Phoenix, PJ Harvey, and Vampire Weekend complete a dream cast spanning diverse genres and styles.

The festival, scheduled to take place from May 29 to June 2, 2024, promises to be a unique and thrilling musical experience. One of the highlights is the return of Vampire Weekend after 16 years, promising a performance that will resonate in the memories of attendees.

Musical diversity extends throughout the lineup, with artists like SZA, who has gained recognition in recent months thanks to her innovative album «SOS.» Beth Gibbons of Portishead and the always impactful PJ Harvey will also join the show, offering a glimpse into their more minimalist and classic repertoires.

The local scene is not left behind, as Primavera Sound Barcelona 2024 presents a strong representation of Spanish talent. From La Zowi to Rels B, Derby Motoreta’s Burrito Kachimba, Depresión Sonora, Mujeres, the band Ángeles, Víctor, Gloria y Javier, the trio Cómo Vivir En el Campo, and Stella Maris, formed by Amaia Romero, Cristina Rueda, Mabel Olea, Valeria Collado, Ania Guijarro, and Sara Roch, who joined forces as part of the cast of the series Los Javies La Mesías.

Tickets for the festival are already available on the official website, with first-phase passes on sale from 265 euros. Starting next Thursday, November 23, at 11:00 AM (Spanish Peninsula time), the opportunity to purchase second and third-phase passes will open for those festival enthusiasts who have pre-registered on the festival’s website. Given the allure of the revealed lineup, demand is expected to be high. The wait until May 2024 may seem endless, but the promise of an unparalleled musical experience makes the anticipation worthwhile.

words: @annaamaso