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Prototypes series 06: An ode to working class britain through football stereotypes 

In a fashion world, where the work of brands that belong to big conglomerates prevails, to see a project as pure as this one is refreshing at least. Prototypes is a brand by Laura Beham and Callum Pidgeon that embodies upcycling and repurposing as main values, while offering an ironic way of seeing fashion. Their creations have always been about proposing a mood and creating clothes that reinforce the idea that the models are expressing through innovative lookbooks.

For Series 06, the creative duo managed to get all their memories from Sunday football league together and create a collection as an ode to the stereotypes that we can see on the football field. A sincere tribute to football amid the ongoing gentrification of the unifying sport in working class Britain. This 29 look collection redefines sportswear as another kind of uniform, due to commercial purposes they can renew seasonally making it available for upcycling. Crafted from second hand sportswear equipment, with this collection they are examining the unsung heroes of Britain on Sundays.

Nostalgia is a big factor in this collection, and they managed to glorify the old, while obsessing with newness. They are updating classic pieces with a contemporary sensibility, trying to change the perception of upcycling in society, making it cool to wear. The distortion of body proportions and the excessive use of print made this collection an outstanding one. 

The reimagination of the ways in which makers and wearers engage with fashion production and consumption is in the DNA of the company. For this series, the creative direction, styling and consulting by Betsy Johnson elevated the results. Charlie Lemindu also rocked the hair department and Raphael Bliss demonstrated his power behind the lens. A visual imagery that is going to be stuck  in our brain for a while, due to the exquisite world building of the lookbook.

Words: @alraco43