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Puma x Fenty

Rihanna Revolutionizes Urban Fashion with the Reissue of Puma X Fenty’s Creeper Sneakers for 2023

In an exciting return to her urban fashion roots, Rihanna has reinvented her iconic Puma X Fenty creeper sneakers for the year 2023. The new Creeper Phatty introduces a bolder and more daring silhouette, marking a milestone in the evolution of this contemporary classic.

Eight years after its initial launch, Rihanna’s creeper sneakers continue to be a reference in urban fashion. The first collaboration between Rihanna and Puma in 2015 caused a sensation, and now the artist takes creative control again to update and expand this cult collection.

The updated silhouette of the Creeper Phatty features larger proportions and a stacked sole that elevates urban style to new heights. Rihanna, known for her innovation in fashion, has reinvented her own creations, maintaining the original essence but adapting it to current trends.

In 2015, creeper sneakers became a fashion phenomenon, earning the title of «Shoe of the Year 2016» by Footwear News. Now, with the return of the Creeper Phatty, Rihanna aims to capture the essence of the past while introducing new elements that reflect the spirit of 2023.

Rihanna’s Creeper Phatty features an upper wrapped in suede, with renewed details on the instep, lace panel, and tongue. The iconic Formstrip stands out with more volume, emphasizing the distinctive silhouette of these sneakers. Thicker laces and collaborative details on the tongue and heel add a special touch to these unique models.

The sole, a distinctive element of creeper sneakers, maintains its stacked rubber platform, inspired by the classic brothel creepers of the 50s and 60s. The new colorways, from the classic black and white to bolder combinations in blue and green, and purple and red, reflect the sportswear DNA of the brand.

Rihanna expressed her creative vision, stating, «We took our OG Creeper and made it bigger and bolder. We wanted to reinvent the OG Creeper that I loved so much. It’s a classic silhouette that has been missed, so its return had to be grand.»

The second Fenty x PUMA campaign, creatively directed by Rihanna and captured by the talented Philippa Price, highlights the «phatty» attitude and the iconic Creeper silhouette. The campaign reveals bright and oversized elements that make this sneaker unique, merging style and attitude in a visually striking experience.

Maria Valdes, PUMA’s product director, expressed excitement about the return of the original Creeper: «This sneaker has universal appeal, and we are excited not only to relaunch the original silhouette but also to expand our offering to the entire family.»