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Rakky Ripper

Interview & Editorial

Meet Raquel, the artist known as Rakky Ripper. Born in Granada in 1995, her musical journey began with a childhood filled with singing and songwriting. At the age of 15, she took a self-guided path into music, mastering music editing software, producing electronic and experimental tracks, recording her own covers, and building her home studio piece by piece. Over the last 5 years, Rakky Ripper has been honing her craft in R&B, urban music, pop, and reggaeton.

Anna Masó: How would you describe your style to someone who is not familiar with it?

Rakky Ripper: I would say I’m a hardcore popstar. I grew up listening to y2k pop, emo-scene music, rock, metal and then clubbing in the 10s and discovering experimental. I just love music.

AM: How do you choose your outfits for your performances or photo shoots?

RR: I tend to go with whatever I feel like at the moment. I’ve always had 2 sides inside, the kawaii girl and the emo kid.

AM: Which clothing brand would you like to work with?

RR: I really like DIESEL, Mugler and the Spanish shoe company New Rock.

AM: What are your main cultural and artistic influences that have shaped your work?

RR: There’s a mix of genres in my influences. Panic! At the Disco, My Chemical Romance, Tokio Hotel and
Paramore shaped my vocals, lyrics and topic tendencies. Lady Gaga, Stromae, Björk or Charli
XCX pushed me to the experimentation and the improve the performative/visual part of a
musical project.

AM: Can you tell us about a top collaboration you’ve done and how it influenced your creative

RR: I enjoyed a lot collaborating with Chase Icon because I was able to reach the y2k/
scene-core sound I was looking for. There’s also a lot of new collabs in my upcoming album
that have pushed me to new sounds and I can’t wait for them to be out.

AM: Duality and the exploration of identity are recurring themes in your work. What inspires you to
explore these themes?

RR: All the doubts we as human beings have on a daily basis. No one’s safe of having an identity crisis. No one’s really sure of who they are 100% of the time. Also duality is very common for us. Our generation is defined by being multidisciplinar.

AM: What has been the biggest challenge you’ve faced in your career as an artist, and how did you
overcome it?

RR: This year, TV was very challenging, stressful and exhausting for me. Exposure to TV audience is also very demanding psycologically and I had to work a lot this year, going to therapy to understand and overcome the pressure of exposure, the highs and lows of popularity, etc.

AM: Technology and social media play a significant role in promoting your work. What is your
approach to maintaining an authentic connection with your followers?

RR: I recently started to engage with my followers again. This summer I wanted to stop using social networks to improve my mental health. I’m now discovering a new way to approach followers: being myself, not overthinking and posting only when I feel like it. Once I’ve started not planifiying stuff, everything makes so much more sense.

AM: What is the relationship between music and fashion in your life and work?

RR: It’s all very linked. My project has always been super visual and I enjoy dedicating almost the same amount of time to visuals than I do to music.

AM: What impact do you hope to achieve with your art and music in society and culture at large?

RR: I hope I can be remembered as somebody that offered something innovative and relevant to the
music industry but mostly I hope I can still helping and inspiring people once I’m gone.

AM: Where do you see yourself in 20 years?

I will be living off my current work and I will have a house and a family. Probably focusing in more relaxing and intimate projects.

AM: What is your next project or challenge that you would like to share with your followers?
RR: Releasing my second studio album and them liking it. That’s the biggest challenge right now.


Photo: Iván M. Lainez @ivanzv
Muah: Emilio @cerescente
Stylist: Andrea Jiménez @findmeinandromeda
Style Assistant: Sara Jiménez @sareyti69
Fashion Production: Lecua Press @lecua_press