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Rels B Drops Highly Anticipated Album ‘A New Star (1993)’ – A Musical Odyssey Across Genres

The long-awaited album by Rels B, «A New Star (1993),» has finally arrived to delight his fans with an eclectic musical odyssey!

Comprising 13 tracks, the album features a fusion of hip hop, lo-fi, dancehall, reggae, deep house, and funk carioca rhythms, among others. «This album is only suitable for good tastes. I kindly ask you to listen to it in its entirety and in order, skipping tracks is prohibited,» warned the musician on his social media channels.

Before its release, Rels B presented the album from his window in Mexico City, attracting hundreds of people to a street in the Condesa neighborhood to listen. True to his word, at 5:30 p.m., he appeared on his balcony with a massive black speaker and began the showcase. This image has already become part of Spanish music history, demonstrating the affection Rels B enjoys in Mexico, where he filled the Foro Sol with 65,000 people, becoming the youngest artist to achieve this feat and one of the few to do so.

As usual, the artist reserved space for collaborations, including Lia Kali on ‘La vida sin ti,’ Junior H on ‘Un desperdicio,’ and Tempoe on ‘Pretty Girl.’ Towards the end of the album, he reflects on his 10-year career in ‘El último del contrato,’ recalling his beginnings and what success truly means to him.

«My heart is in these songs, I’ve never felt so connected to music,» he wrote weeks ago in a post showing him working from the recording studio. The Mallorcan singer has released his highly anticipated new album, «A New Star (1993),» causing excitement among his thousands of followers worldwide when he revealed the tracklist on social media.

None of Rels B’s previous works can be compared to this new project. «A New Star (1993)» is an album that only the greatest artists of his generation could create, as highlighted in the singer’s press release. A highly ambitious project that, for the first time in Rels B’s career, transcends the conceptual and thematic boundaries of sound». He presents the audience with a multitude of rhythms and styles, blending classicism and avant-garde in his most experimental project to date.

In this  new EP, Rels B explores and pushes his boundaries beyond what he has previously done, yielding a result that couldn’t be more stimulating. Already established as one of the leading Spanish performers of his generation, (aided by outstanding collaborators Omar Alcaide and Andrés Yuma, who produced most of the tracks), he aims high with a work full of nuances and surprises, few artists in his position would dare to sign.

The album, like almost everything Rels does, has become a global phenomenon, with fans speculating about what Skinny Flakk would bring in his new songs and musical ideas.

Words: @annaamaso and @casandrammagio