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Renaissance World Tour

Renaissance, with the Grammy Award for Best Dance/Electronic Album in 2023, is Beyoncé’s seventh solo album release. This year, the great diva of our time has set records, not only with her Grammy nominations (she was nominated nine times), but also by becoming the person with the most Grammys in the world (34 Grammys).

This album aims to make the dance floors shine and bring light after the long confinement. Renaissance is an album that blends different musical styles, such as Beyoncé’s usual styles of R&B, gospel, and neo-soul, creating a perfect match with electro, hi-NRG, disco music, and the latest South African trends like «gqom» and «amapiano.» It also includes other well-known rhythms like afrobeat, NOLA bounce, and reggaeton.

The entire theme of this album recalls the iconic Studio 54 with a more futuristic touch, in which the Texan artist pays tribute to the great divas of the 70s and 80s, such as Donna Summer and Grace Jones. But she never forgets her advocacy for the rights of the African American population, feminism, and the LGBTQ+ community. She has drawn much inspiration from the latter, as the album has a house music aspect, a style that originated from the black and queer community in Chicago and later expanded into New York’s ballroom culture. It is in these ballrooms that the clear inspiration is seen in creating the entire show of the tour, based on free artistic expression and mutual respect.

But how is the performance, and what makes it so spectacular and unparalleled?

Queen B, after seven years, has returned to the stage solo for her highly anticipated Renaissance World Tour, which provides an unforgettable experience at all levels and leaves no one indifferent. As she did in previous tours, the city she visited in our country to perform was Barcelona. This time, she also appeared in the Catalan capital on June 8, 2023.

Before the Barcelona concert, the Venezuelan artist Arca, a singer, songwriter, record producer, DJ, and model based in Barcelona, warmed up the audience with her electronic and experimental music.

The «beyhive» collective (Beyoncé’s fans) claim that this show is divided into segments, each with its corresponding visuals, atmosphere changes, vibes changes, and, of course, costume changes not only for Beyoncé but also for her dancers, musicians, and backing vocalists.

At 8:30 pm, the show started with the first notes playing and an image of Queen B semi-naked like Venus appearing on the mega screen until she appeared on stage singing «Dangerously in Love.» Her orchestra and backing vocalists also took the stage, blending in with the silver set resembling a disco ball. The entire first part was a review of her career, revisiting old songs like «1+1» and paying tribute to Tina Turner with a rendition of «River Deep.»

After that nostalgic segment, the highly anticipated party/ballroom began, where she delighted the audience with songs from her new album, interspersed with iconic songs from her long career. It should be noted that Beyoncé did not release any music videos for her new songs, as she was saving them to surprise all her fans with the incomparable neo-futuristic visuals.

Beyoncé scandalized with her army of dancers and started with «I’m that girl,» followed by «Cozy» and «7/11.» From there, a section closed, and the atmosphere and costumes changed to the same beat. There were several standout moments, such as the appearance of «Les Twins,» but undoubtedly the most acclaimed was the appearance of Blue Ivy (Beyoncé and Jay Z’s daughter).

The R&B queen underwent around nine costume changes, including those for the dancers, orchestra, and backing vocalists. This was made possible thanks to stylist Shiona Turini, who was in charge of the entire tour wardrobe. An interesting fact is that in each city she performs, Queen B surprises with a new look. In this case, in Barcelona, she debuted a Fendi jumpsuit paired with a fur coat.

The entire wardrobe is well thought out and cohesive with the album’s theme and the World Tour. The team has created iconic pieces such as the Loewe jumpsuit or the Mugler bodysuit. But these are not the only designers who have participated in this show; Stella McCartney, Courrèges, David Koma, Anrealage, Balmain, and Coperni have also contributed. In other countries, other designers have participated, such as Jacquemus in Marseille.

Without a doubt, the Renaissance World Tour is a unique experience that must be lived, and whether you are a fan or not, it leaves absolutely no one indifferent. It is impossible to deny that this tour will go down in history and be remembered for the incredible show created by the unparalleled and iconic Beyoncé Knowles Carter.

words: @santisanabria