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As a young fashion designer, sometimes, it is hard to break into the industry and be heard by the rest. In the case of Caroline Hú, it has been an amazing journey since her graduation at Central Saint Martins from their bachelor’s degree focused on womenswear and at  Parsons School of Design in New York from their master’s degree. Her success comes from her ability to transform every garment into a romance world where women’s independence is a must and freedom is expressed throughout haute couture. She was honored to be a finalist in the ITS Contest in Italy, back in 2018, with her graduate collection which opened to her a lot of doors to find a voice in this oversaturated market.

Reverie by Caroline Hú was founded in 2018 as a high-end ready-to-wear brand, one that focuses on demonstrating that there is a space for hazy and soft emotions in the fashion market. The first collection of the brand was subsequently shortlisted for the LVMH Young Designer Awards and BOF China Prize, thanks to her personal visual image and impactful level of detail in every single look. This collaboration feels natural due to the history of Adidas pursuing beauty and romantic aspects. The collection is a reminder that the lenses of contemporary youth culture are needed to create new points of view in the industry.

Inspired by the rich sporting heritage of the company, Adidas Originals has been changing the game since 2001. Their commitment to product innovation and their curation of talents found in sporting arenas and fashion schools, result in outstanding products that reinterpret the iconic Trefoil logo that was first used in 1972. This collaboration serves as an exploration into personal relationships, accompanying the SS24 of Reverie by Caroline Hú, called «the distance and space between people». 

The young designer explored techniques and craftsmanship often associated with haute-couture mixed with her unique point of view, which resulted in three pairs of sneakers that are covered by a shell of lace and pleats referencing the sense of security and the proximity of interpersonal interactions. She is reinterpreting the handmade techniques that she uses in her couture runway pieces over a color palette that is pleasing to the eyes, consisting of shades of blue, pink, black and white. The understanding of beauty that is represented in these shoes is overwhelming as the stacking and repetition of lace symbolizes the subtle connections and overlap between individuals. Reverie by Caroline Hú is making moves in the international sphere and this union might mark her departure from the Paris clientele to a wider audience that might resonate with her message and her understanding of fashion.

Words: @alraco43