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Rigido: Interview

Rígido, a brand that emerged in 2020 with the aim of offering modern and sustainable designs through craftsmanship. Based in A Coruña, Spain, Carla Barral and Javier González, the founders of Rígido, focus on durability and the quality of materials.

Beyond the captivating jewelry that Rígido presents to the world, there are fascinating stories behind the creators. Carla, whose initial specialization at Central Saint Martins was in marketing, honed her jewelry skills through self-teaching and the wise guidance of her father. In contrast, Javier, starting with studies in journalism and international relations, carved his own path into the artistic world, where he now plays the exciting role of art director. In this conversation, we will explore the philosophy behind Rígido, how it blends modernity and craftsmanship, and its commitment to sustainability and excellence in design.

Edu Gil: Rígido means stiff and inflexible. Is this name a way to represent your brand values?

Rigido: Rígido means «stiff and inflexible,» but this name represents the opposite of everything we are. It serves as a provocative juxtaposition, highlighting our brand’s commitment to breaking free from convention, embracing creativity, and crafting jewelry that defies rigidity, both in design and in spirit.

EG: When designing and thinking about upcoming campaigns, what are the elements that inspire you the most?

R: When designing and envisioning our upcoming campaigns, the primary sources of inspiration stem from the richness of the natural world. Nature’s textures, forms, and colors are fundamental elements that guide our creative process. Additionally, we find key concepts related to natural processes, like chemical transformations, to be pivotal in shaping our artistic vision. Exploring the diverse facets of nature, from the grandeur of a volcano to the intricacy of a molecule, has consistently underpinned the foundation of Rigido’s design approach.

EG: Now that we know about what inspires you, we would like to learn about your creative process, do you train creativity? meaning, it is a lineal process where you create everyday, or is it more about a hint of inspiration that leads the entire collection?

R: It’s important to note that creativity is a discipline we cultivate every day. For us, everything holds the potential for inspiration, and our creative process involves working with inspiration and nurturing creativity on a daily basis. It’s not always a linear process; instead, it’s about remaining open to the sparks of inspiration that can ultimately guide the development of an entire collection.

EG: This past October, you opened a showroom in Shanghai, are your clients mainly based in Asia, or was this an attempt to expand your market?

R: The establishment of our showroom in Shanghai was a strategic move to enter the Asian market. We’ve observed a diverse clientele, and there has been a noticeable increase in interest from the Asian region.

EG: Kylie Jenner, one of the most followed accounts in the world wore Rígido in one of her ticktocks, that is a huge PR success. How did that affected you as a brand?

We are delighted to witness Kylie Jenner featuring Rígido in one of her TikToks, which indeed marked a significant PR success. We take immense pride in the positive impact this has had on our brand, leading to increased brand visibility, international expansion, and heightened interest.

EG: Rigido is defined by inclusion and variety. How does your average client look like?

R: Rigido’s clients come from diverse backgrounds and styles, reflecting our brand’s commitment to inclusion and variety. They can be a 45-year-old graphic designer based in Canada and a 25- year-old photographer from Korea. These individuals are united by their appreciation for the quality and design of our jewelry. They possess a deep affinity for art, recognizing the craftsmanship and skill inherent in the creation of each piece. Our target audience is cosmopolitan, sharing a strong passion for fashion, music, and design.

EG: Your latest collaboration with laagam is the epitome of a coquette cool girl, what was the drive to collaborate with lagaam?

R: The collaboration came together effortlessly because we share a deep alignment in terms of brand philosophy. We both wanted to infuse an element of fun and explore diverse perspectives, and lagaam was the perfect partner for this creative journey. They really shine in their bold and innovative approach.

EG: Managing social media is huge part of a business success nowadays, as a fashion marketer, what was the strategy behind this very successful start-up?

R: In our creative journey, our collections are shaped by a seamless blend of creative direction and product design, all rooted in our distinctive creative concept. This is the core of what sets us apart and defines our brand identity. Moreover, we aim not to be overly obsessed with social media. ; our growth has been steady year after year. For Rigido, it means staying true to our organic path, exercising patience, and putting in the hard work.

EG: The image of your campaigns are striking and powerful, I particularly like The foundation campaign, where you took nature as an inspiration, what were you trying to create with this images ?

R: Thank you so much for your words!

The creative direction for «The Foundation» was crafted by @Carlaetstik, which consists of Carla Barral and Javier Gonzalez as a creative duo. As we mentioned earlier, every collection begins with a comprehensive vision encompassing both the design of the pieces and the visual aspects of the campaign. This holistic approach allows us to create a cohesive concept, and later, we collaborate with the entire shooting team to refine and bring these ideas to life. The team is so important for us, because without them any of this could be posible. And we would like to say that The photographer for «The Foundation» was Adri Cuerdo, and his work is truly exceptional. *see all the team involved in the photos in the credits

EG: Any next moves?

R: 2024 is approaching with many exciting things, and we can’t wait to share them with you! However, our motto remains the same: stay focused, work hard, and be kind.

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