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Riverland Fest 2023

The Asturian festival, Riverland Festival, is back with its third edition on August 24th, 25th, and 26th, 2023. The urban music event from Asturias will celebrate its edition in ‘El Valle de la Música,’ in Arriondas. This year, the event will feature artists such as Cruz Cafuné, Yung Beef, Delaossa, and La Zowi.

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Ranked in the top 3 of Album in Spain, the rapper from Guamasa will present his latest release, «Me muevo con Dios,» at the festival. The rapper achieved 189 million views with the tropical anthem «Contando lunares» (2019), which he released with fellow Canary Islander, Don Patricio


Delaossa, the rapper who emerged from the suburbs of Malaga, has returned to the music scene with unstoppable force. His journey towards the upcoming album titled ‘La Madrugá’ is filled with exciting surprises for his fans.


She is the queen of Spanish trap. Zowi presents her most ambitious album, «LA REINA DEL SUR,» throughout Spain. 45 minutes, few collaborations. A way to express that she continues to be La Zowi, without compromises.


The trap singer is known for being one of the pioneers of urban music in Spain. He distances himself from record labels and supports young talents through his own label, La Vendición.


He is the fresh air that the Spanish urban scene needed. You will find him in Asturias with the new songs from his album «Globall.»


Kidd Keo is one of the most listened-to trap artists in Spain, thanks to hits like ‘Dracukeo,’ ‘Touchdown,’ or ‘Lollypop,’ characterized by explicit lyrics and rhymes.


Sila Lua is the Galician singer, songwriter, and producer who is breaking through right now. «Rompe» is an album of 11 songs that smell like the sea and Galicia.


She graces the cover of our second printed edition of Non. You will find her rapping and performing at Riverland Fest.

words: @annamaso