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ROBERT WUN SS24: Scary and provocative thoughts on Haute Couture

Celebrating the 10th year anniversary of the brand, Robert Wun presents his second Haute Couture collection after an acclaimed first show in Paris. On that show, the designer established the codes that have accompanied the brand in this year, in the multitude of custom clothing that they made for international stars (Adele, Pamela Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Lady Gaga…) which is the way the company stays alive and makes money to invest in new collections.

For this collection in particular, their second appearance on the Haute Couture calendar, they expand on the ideas they presented in the last one. Making horror the main part of the collection and revisiting the idea of how can we ruined clothing to create. For him, poetry is everywhere in the horror genre and he is trying to demonstrate it through couture pieces.

Robert Wun is showing his powerful imaginary with 24 looks, where he demonstrates the mastery of draping with fabric and beading that he and his team are capable of. In his world, color is a quite complex subject, because his inspiration often touches themes that are open to personal interpretation. But, this time, the designer sticks his world to a dark vibe with a range of color, predominating red and black.

The silhouettes he creates with the use of ornaments are unmatched, but more incredible and outstanding are the different techniques he incorporates to every look. The use of giant ruffles, extreme beading matching handmade stains, complex draping and unique head sculptures make his pieces worthy in the competitive world of fashion. We live in scary times and Robert Wun is designing outfits that reveals our worst nightmares.

Words: @alraco43