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Rocanrola Festival 23

More than 65,000 attendees gathered at the largest national rap music festival, where over 50 top-tier artist concerts were complemented by a comprehensive range of activities.

The second edition of the Rocanrola Festival brought together over 65,000 attendees in the city of Alicante, who came from all across the national territory and other international destinations. They enjoyed three days dedicated to celebrating hip-hop culture in all its artistic forms, in one of the pioneering cities with a rich history and tradition in the genre.

In this year 2023, hip-hop culture has reached its 50th anniversary, and the multidisciplinary proposal of the Rocanrola Festival has offered a wide range of activities centered around urban culture. In addition to music, graffiti, dance, skateboarding, street art, and sports have also taken center stage.

The Rocanrola Festival has become the largest rap festival in Spain and the musical event with the highest number of attendees in the history of the city of Alicante. Over 65,000 people came together over three days in an incredible atmosphere where no incidents were reported, and rap vibes permeated the entire event, living up to the festival’s slogan, ‘Rap Attitude.’

The three main stages hosted more than 50 concerts, while the Living Park presented a complementary parallel program. The dining area, located near the large tent, offered a wide range of culinary options, and various services and facilities supplemented the festival’s diverse offerings.

The festival’s camping area accommodated over 5,000 people, with options for both traditional camping and glamping. It featured showers, dedicated food and beverage bars, a relaxation area, and other amenities, all designed to promote camaraderie among attendees.

The Rocanrola Festival featured outstanding performances from established artists with extensive careers, as well as newer talents from the scene. Major national figures in the genre took the stage at the three main venues, including Natos y Waor, SFDK, Ayax, Fernandocosta, Delaossa, Mala Rodríguez, Toteking, Nach, Recycled J, Fyahbwoy, El Chojin, Sho-hai, Sharif, Foyone, Hard GZ, ZPU, Langui, Kaze, among many others, and the American guest Lil Pump.

It was a festival where artists willingly collaborated with each other, delighting the attendees. Natos y Waor brought Zatu from SFDK on stage for the first time in history, and they also did a collaboration with Recycled J, reminiscing about the legendary band «Hijos de la Ruina.» Toteking was joined by Hoke, Lil Pekeño, and Ergo with Elio Toffana, Fernandocosta with Lia Kali, and so on, in a long list of collaborations. All of this reflects the excellent relationships and mutual respect among the artists, encouraged by the Rocanrola Festival to foster these interactions.

The festival also prominently featured and celebrated female representation in the lineup, with artists like Mala Rodriguez, Lia Kali, Anier, Santa Salut, Elane, Las Ninyas del Corro, Tribade, and Ly Raine.

Tickets for the third edition of the Rocanrola Festival, which will take place next year in 2024, will be available for purchase soon on the website www.rocanrola.com