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SHOOP Unveils FW24 Collection: A Fusion of Japanese Minimalism and Personal Sensibilities

Miriam Sanz and Yohei Oki, the creative minds behind SHOOP, have consistently drawn inspiration from their personal experiences, infusing their collections with a sense of intuition and familiarity. Transitioning to Tokyo in 2023 marked a significant chapter for the brand, as it made its return to Rakuten Fashion Week to showcase its SS24 season collection. Now, SHOOP unveils its latest FW24 collection from its new headquarters.

This season, the duo’s designs delve even deeper into their personal sensibilities while subtly weaving in conceptual themes. Drawing from their experiences of winter in Japan—novel to Miriam and her beloved daughter yet familiar to Oki after years of residency—the collection captures the minimalist essence of Japanese attire, crafted to withstand the cold while meeting the demands of daily life.

Incorporating elements of sportswear, workwear, and military-inspired designs—imbued with a touch of universality and masculinity—SHOOP’s aesthetic shines through in its attention to material textures, subtle color contrasts, and clean-cut techniques. The collection exudes a sense of freshness, with warm mohair textures harmonizing with a palette of black, grey, cream, burgundy, and beige. Symbolic details, including numerology and infinity symbols, add depth to the simplicity of the designs.

Beyond practicality and functionality, SHOOP’s FW24 collection uniquely captures the emotional nuances of winter. Each piece serves as a visual narrative of the designers’ close relationship with the seasons and Japanese culture, highlighting the interplay of emotions and sensations. As SHOOP continues to explore the intricacies of seasonal shifts and cultural influences, its designs remain a testament to the intimate bond between fashion and human experience.

Words: @annaamaso