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Sonia Carrasco FW24: Fundamentally sexy, a female perspective into the blazer 

Next season of the brand was presented earlier this month by the opening of office envelopes on the brand’s Instagram account. After coming from Valencia and being in different positions on different internationally-known brands, the creative designer has decided to settle in Barcelona, a city where contemporary and tradition is mixed in a way that is so specific and so refreshing for industry talents that creates little bubbles of fashion innovation.

Following her mantra of sustainability, these 35 looks represent a bold vision of the world we live in. Where unapologetic femininity is mixed with upcycled, recycled or organic materials to create enticing pieces. She has a commitment to redefine fashion norms and create an empowered female energy everywhere she goes. The meticulous process of creation that is part of the DNA of the brand is highlighted by raw finishings and visible stitching.

This collection is an ode to The Blazer, a piece of clothing that comes from the navy and sports clothing because it has a more informal cut and sometimes has accessories. Tailoring garments reimagined in various shapes and styles to mix the sharp aspect of it with traditional craftsmanship. Contemporary design elements that range from bold knitwear accents, to relaxed and sartorial denim interpretations.

We can see the merge of sex and artistry in every aspect of the design process, from sheer fabrics that add sensuality to earth tones with navy accents that explore the root of the blazer. The collection is divided into parts: the Fundamentals and the Advanced Research. The first part comes with essential pieces with tailoring codes implemented to them, the second installment explores new limits in the formal wear category. Reworked classics that expand on the Sonia Carrasco world that she is building little by little.

Words: @alraco43