TwoJeys opens its first flagship store in Barcelona

The Catalan jewelry company takes a step forward in its brand image and sets up shop on Carrer Canuda

Joan Margarit and Biel Juste started their venture four years ago (2019) after a trip along Route 66 from Las Vegas to Palm Springs. They decided to embark on a new adventure and create the TwoJeys universe. It’s a brand of unique and timeless jewelry for him & her, designed and handmade in Spain. Today, it has become one of the most prominent brands in the Spanish jewelry, accessories, and clothing scene.

On March 22nd, their official Instagram account announced a new brand logo: two stars in cursive. If there’s one thing that sets TwoJeys apart, it’s their brilliant marketing strategy, uniqueness, and originality in their advertising campaigns, highlighting their passion for novelty and vintage aesthetics with a clear target audience: the youth. TwoJeys goes beyond material objects: «it’s much more than products, it’s a concept, a lifestyle,» the owners said in an interview with Vogue.

From collaborations with global icons like Marcelo to collections inspired by Mediterranean summers, the Catalan brand has permanently established itself in the hometown of its creators. The opening of the store was announced by an image of a helicopter with two stars flying over Barcelona.

The street-level establishment, with a surface area of over 83 square meters, features a completely renovated space and custom-designed furniture with metallic finishes inspired by the visual identity of the brand, aiming for total immersion. The store’s strategic location was chosen as one of the main commercial hubs in Barcelona, surrounded by cutting-edge fashion brands.

Inside, customers will find the latest collections of jewelry and clothing, as well as different corners that perfectly capture the essence of TwoJeys: the iconic circular mirror from the town of Ibiza, leather sofas, a large LED panel with the brand name and its new logo, an electric guitar, or star-shaped speakers that also serve as stands for the jewelry. It’s not just a store; it’s an immersive shopping experience at the core of the brand’s essence.

words: Sara Otero @saraoteero